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The Chronicler
Paper: Macku

The Chronicler is a popular news show and newspaper on Spherus Magna.


The Idea[]

Two years after the reformation of Spherus Magna, the planet was filled with crime, though they weren't usually that big. Then, when nobody could catch them, the police wanted a way to keep up with current events. That's when the leaders of Spherus Magna decided to create a news show and paper.


Four weeks later, job applications were sent out all over Spherus Magna (in restaurants, sports arenas, ect.). Soon, they had over one thousand applications for either the show or paper. Each was then given an interveiw. After many hours of looking for good Matoran and Agori to take different roles in the company, they had finally found a being to fill each job. Production started the next day, and televisions were also a big thing at the time, which was perfect for them.

Ever Since[]

Since the start of the company, the Matoran and Agori have had no problem keeping up with the current events. The authorities have also used the paper and show to keep up with criminals. The show is also used for big events that anyone couldn't go to see in person.


Anyone can put down their Matoran and Agori on the list for a job.

  • Paper
    • Boss - Macku
    • Journalists (5) -
    • Other
      • List Matoran and Job here
  • Show
    • Boss -
    • Co-Anchor (male) -
    • Co-Anchor (female) -
    • Weather -
    • Feild Reporters (4) -
    • Cameras (9) -
    • Sports -


  • Unlike most things, The Chronicler is written on actual paper like a real newspaper.