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The Being
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Twin-Blade Life Sword, Midak Skyblaster

"The Being" was originally a Toa who was altered by the power of the Kanohi Ignika.


The entity known simply as "The Being" was originally a Toa. The Toa served in the Toa/Dark Hunter War when he/she met Toa Adiahk. They eventually became great friends.

However, at some point after the war, the Toa was wounded. Having heard of the legendary Kanohi Ignika, the Legendary Mask of Life, Adiahk attempted to claim the mask in a desperate attempt to heal the Toa. Unfortunately, the Toa died before Adiahk could obtain the mask. In a desperate attempt to buy time, Adiahk used his Kanohi Tryna to reanimate his friend's body. As the Toa of Fire reached for the mask, the Ignika felt threatened and instinctivly used its powers on Adiahk's friend, in an attempt to create a guardian. The energies of the two masks combined to create a new being that was neither alive or dead. The Being then fled.

After escaping, the Being then began to aimlessly wonder the Matoran Universe, having no greater purpose other than to exist. Soon after, Toa Adiahk began to chase and follow its movements in an attempt to either reverse whatever the Ignika did, or at least put his friend to rest.

Recently, the Being went on a ramapage in a small Matoran settlement on the Nothern Continent for unknown reasons, causing horrible destruction. Adaihk soon arrived, and attempted to reach out to any part of his old friend. Sadly, nothing of Adiahk's old friend seemed to have survived, leaving Adiahk with no choice but to end the Being and its rampage once and for all. After a heated fight, Adiahk managed to slay the Being in order to save the lives of the local Matoran. He then took his old friend's body to an unknown location, where he/she was buried and mourned by Adiahk, who finally moved on.

Abilities & Trait[]

After the incident, the Toa was transformed into a being that was neither living or dead, but in a state somewhere in between the two. The Being never showed any signs of remembering anything from before its death.

After being transformed, the Being was granted limited power over the elemental power of Life. This power gave the Being the ability to mutated, evolve, and devolve other beings. It also possessed formidible strength.

Mask & Tools[]

The Being's weapons included a Twin-Blade Life Sword and a Midak Skyblaster. The Being also wore a powerless mask in the shape of the Ignika.