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Avriex's Blog is a story told from Avriex's point of view. It tells of Avriex going to the Glatorian Universe and forming The Order Of Avriex.


My name is Toa Avriex. I am flying through the void between demensions as I carve these words into stone. I know not where I am heading, but I know any place other than the Matoran Universe is fine. As I fly through the void I can see many different places, and different pocket demensions.

I can see alternate versions of my arch enemy, Makinax. He is just as evil as the real Makinax. Now I can see the real Makinax flying torwards me, shapeshifting from his [usual orange form into a new, red form. He has a glint of hatred in his eyes, for almost killing him. Just then, I landed on a beach in a universe that looked very different than the one I am used to, with Makinax pointing a gun to my head.