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Tetrakai were a sapient species native to the Southern Islands.


Shortly after the successful departure of the Great Spirit Robot from Spherus Magna, Mata Nui became somewhat overeager with the creation of new species to serve additional functions, resulting in the plethora of different species that would come to inhabit the Matoran Universe. The Tetrakai species was one such creation, equipped with four arms and a larger physique in order to develop a stronger and more capable alternative to the fledgling Matoran workforce.

The Tetrakai race existed to build up the landscape of the Southern Matoran Universe, a region widely viewed to be underdeveloped, particularly because of the important roles many of its natives shared. Mata Nui established the Tetrakai race in the Eastern Island Chain, where they could ship supplies easily, and where they could move quickly throughout much of the Southern Island Chain. Met with moderate success, the species was permitted to thrive while many other species created by Mata Nui during this period were largely wiped out by natural disasters to purge them from the Matoran Universe.

With the species enjoying gradual expansion during the rise of the League of Six Kingdoms, the Tetrakai colony was notably seized by Barraki Carapar 80,000 years ago after tremendous resistance. Under Carapar's occupation, many of the native Tetrakai warriors were conscripted into service, with Nocturn notably joining the ranks of Barraki Ehlek's forces. Following the downfall of the regime, the Tetrakai continued to develop and advance, eventually returning to their homeland and facilitating various transport links between the islands of the Southern Matoran Universe.

In the years prior to the Time Slip, Nocturn was known to have returned to the Tetrakai homeland and caused considerable disruption to the island's dome integrity in a fit of rage. With the Order of Mata Nui intervening to restore environmental equilibrium, Nocturn was transported to The Pit and the island's dome was repaired.

The Tetrakai have since abandoned the Great Spirit Robot after it was rendered uninhabitable.


Distinguished as the only sentient species in the Matoran Universe to naturally possess four arms, the Tetrakai are a formidable warrior race inhabiting the Southern Matoran Universe. Residing upon an especially volcanic home island, they were intended to perform manual labor. In creating the Tetrakai, Mata Nui sought to develop a stronger and more capable alternative to the fledgling Matoran workforce.

This species is amphibious and possesses the ability to regrow lost limbs. They are also naturally immune to the Pit Mutagen and possessed accelerated healing, though they were incapable of using Kanohi.

Known Members[]


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