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"There is more to being a toa then being able to brandish a weapon. You must learn how to use your mind to solve seemingly impossible tasks and scenarios."
―Toa Tesla (Out of the Blue and into the Black)
Toa Tesla
Order of Kentis Nui
Mask of Elemental resistance
Staff of Magnetism

Tesla was aToa of Magnetism from Primordius Magna and the first toa created on said planet.


Malleus was the first toa ever created by the great beings, as a prototype for all toa everywhere. He was the only Toa in Primordius Magna to be created as a toa without ever being a matoran. Tesla was a participant in the Titan War, leading an army a Toa and Matoran toa aid his friend Malleus. After the Titan War, Tesla joined the Order of Kentis Nui.

Post Titan War[]

When Kronaxx formed the Confederate Empire of Shadows , Tesla recruited and trained three novice toa; Ramus, Lumina, and Onuju. He showed them their powers over elements, how to fight, and how to use their mask powers. However, wshen the reached The Keeper of Gates, Onuju betrayed them and Ramus attempted to stop him as he teleported with an Olmak mask. Tesla continued to travel with Lumina all the way to Arcajax were the Order of Kentis Nui was based. They delivered a warning stating that the Confederate Empire was attacking. During The Battle of Arcajax, Tesla duled Kronaxx in a fight to the death. Kronaxx used his power of time to slow the world around them and slashed a fatal blow across Tesla's chest. Later, Tesla died of bloodloss.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Toa of Magnetism, Tesla can create, control and absorb magnetism. He is dangerous to a Makuta for he can simply split their armor and let their antidermis seep out. Among other of his known abilities that come with magnetism are: The ability to bend and reshape any metal. To disarm his opponents by attracting their weapons towards himself (if they are comprised of metal). To repel the ground and fly on a cousin of magnetism.

Mask Power[]

Tesla wears a great Mask of Elemental Resistance, enabling him to repel any elemental attack made by an enemy. However, it does not work on multiple elemental attacks or surprise attacks.


Tesla is wise from seeing so much in his time. He believes that knowledge is the most important tool of a toa. He is kind and encouraging all though he can be a little humorous at times.


Strength: 11
Agility: 11
Toughness: 12
Mind: 18


  • Tesla's name comes from the SI (metric) unit used to measure levels of magnetism, in tern, named for Nikola Tesla, famous for his experiments with electricity, especially the Tesla Coil.
  • The simplicity of Tela's MOC was purposeful; he was supposed to look simple and ancient, for he was the first Toa on Primordius Magna


Order of Kentis Nui

Leader: Optimidus

Known Members: AnkylosKhraanMalleus"Sting" (Deceased) • Tesla (Deceased) • DivexNalihkiGibrek (Deceased)

Servants/Allies: Keeper of GatesBrutakadux (Formally) • RamusTitan Army • Vortixx Guards