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Viper Blaster, Stone Fists
In existence
The Desert on Xea Nui

The Terrex are the Viranah of Stone. They lived and hunted in large groups, led by the strongest Terrex. They inhabited the large desert on Xea Nui. They have evolved from Tanrah-Vo.

Abilities and Traits[]

They had three heads, and walked on six legs, which made them quite fast in the sand. Their main weapons were their strong fists, which could crush stone easily. They had the power to trace their prey with an magnetic field.

They mainly lived from hunting down large Mahah in the desert. Their main weakness was water, for they were unable to swim, and drowned immediately.

The Terrex are the least intelligent Viranah. For they traveled long distances in the desert, they only wore thin armour, and did not use any tools. Although each Terrex had three heads, they had only one, meaningless brain. They could travel without water or food for days, and their main hunting strategy was to pursue a prey until it passes out from thirst and tiredness. Terrex were never seen alone, and the best way to defeat them was to separate them from their group. The Terrex were known to fear Parax.