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Terra Nuva Has a past shrouded in mystery. He lived on an island inside of Mata Nui called Kezra Nui. Makuta Teridax then ejected the island from Mata Nui's body upon takeover of the universe. Terra Nuva remembers little about his past and wishes to unravel his secrets. Terra Nuva is one of the main protagonists of the Terra Nuva Saga.

Terra Nuva
Terra Nuva
Light Sword
Alive, Active
Enigma Magna



Terra Nuva is a Matoran of Plasma, born to Terra Zeta and Sallez in the island of Kezra Nui. Terra Nuva was trained by his Father in Martial Arts and became skilled with a light sword.

After this Terra Nuva's past is blurred due to extreme memory loss. All that is known is an evil Makuta/Great Being named Zorax overthrew the Republic of Kezra Nui and created a large shield that wrapped around the island. When Teridax awakened in Mata Nui's body he ejected the island, for unknown reasons, into space. The island then landed on the planet, dubbed by the matoran, Enigma Magna.

Space explosion

The collision of Kezra Nui and Enigma Magna

All of the citizens of Kezra Nui have lost most of their memory and therefore do not remember the trauma.

Once the shield disappeared, a curious Terra Nuva journeyed into the outskirts of the new planet to explore. He found a wounded Turaga laying in a cave. The Turaga had been attacked by a wild Vorox and left for dead. Terra Nuva nursed him back to health and they soon became friends.

The Hive[]

Soon after the duo left to journey back to the city. Just as they arrived, two black creatures attacked the twosome in the city. Only the quick actions of Toa Argor saved the Matoran and Turaga. Turaga Akidroh recognized the two creatures and showed Toa Argor a map to the famed Hive. As soon as the Fire Toa realized that the creatures were a threat to the city of Kezra Nui he left to find the Hive. Knowing that he could not destroy the Hive alone, Terra Nuva and Turaga Akidroh planned to leave to help the Toa the next day. As the Matoran and Toa trailed Argor they secretly helped him take on a few zesk as they opperated from behind a rock.


  • It is unknown why the Nuva Suffix exists in his name