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Teridax (Chaos Universe)
Makuta Council
Head of the Makuta Council
Darkness\Light\Space and Time
Kanohi Kraahkan
Thornax Launcher\Poison Tentacle\Midak Skyblaster
Chaos Universe

Teridax in the Chaos universe is nicer, smarter, and all out better. He fights for good and is head of the Makuta Council. He signed the Makuta\Toa treaty.


Teridax had a wonderful life creating Rahi and helping Matoran. It all stopped when the Matoran civil war began. After the war he created the Overseerers. The Overseerers over saw the amount of work Matoran got a day. Then the Toa lost jobs and where rejected becuse of the Overseerers. Teridax was suspicious of the Toa. Rumors spread they are gonna start a all out war. They started a war, a massive war. He was on the Toa's side. He was a general in the war. He was in the final battle. He sent the Viper Battalion with the Toa Nuva and Lesovik's team. The Toa won so the Makuta agreed to destroy the the Overseerers. The Makuta Council was formed by Teridax. Teridax made laws and was like a king until power was stripped from him. Some power remained. He ad enough power to ban the Toa for the death of Makuta in the Overseerer/Toa war. 10 years later a alliance is formed and the Toa are let back into the Makuta council. A treaty is signed and teridax signed it. He was a King for Alliance City when it was formed because of his previous relations with the Toa. He was apart of project ORDER where all makuta would bring peace of to all of Spherus Magna. They all so made intelligent rahi. He met Sonara a Toa with interdimensional powers. They became good friends and also Tahu joined their group. The last Overseerer was their first beast slain and Sonara learned how to fight. So they went off on hundreds of raids and adventures. Teridax was sad when Sonara had to go and then another terdax from a universe where Sonara never existed. They fought him and Teridax mutated to become more powerful, but the alternate Teriedax destroyed the Chaos universe, but Teridax survived.

Personality and Behavior[]

Teridax from the chaos universe has a upbeat attitude. He also can be extremely serious. He will usually be happy to share and die for some one if he had to. So all around a nice guy, except in battle.

Powers and Equipment[]

He had a blade and a thornax launcher originally, but after a mutation from inter-dimensional travel he got a midak blaster and a poison whip. Also he has the abilitie to control shadow.