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The Tempest chain is a chain-like weapon wielded by Rando after he had found it in the ruins of a mine after the Chroros Nui Civil War.

Tempest chain
Tempest Chain
Air (limited)
Zutal City


The Tempest chain grants the user limited control over air as long as they are in contact with the chain. The chain itself contains small pockets of air, allowing its movements to be manipulated by the owner if they wish. Upon contact these pockets of air can explode with hurricane-like winds, and at a higher level of air manipulation this release of air energy can be controlled by the user.

At the end of the chain is a small, yet sharp golden blade made from a metal similar to exsidian and reinforced with qi weed. As with the chain links, the blade's movements can also be controlled by the user.


The history of the chain is largely unknown. It is thought that the chain was crafted in a mine by members of the Crafters' Guild close to the village of Heffx to be used as a weapon against the government during the war. The materials of which the chain was made from are unknown, but it is said to have been crafted from a molecularly altered form of protosteel.

Shortly before the end of the war the mine was destroyed by government scout drones, leading to the collapse of the chamber where the crafters were hiding. Following the war's end a search team, including Rando, was sent to the mine in search of survivors. Although the search proved unsuccessful, Rando found the Tempest Chain and wore it around his torso as a commemorative symbol, reminding him of all the lives lost in the war.

Known Wielders[]


  • The chain was originally put around Rando's torso for decoration.
  • The chain is Rando's weapon of choice, however, he prefers to use any other chain if there were one available to him.
  • The Tempest chain was inspired by two Chinese Martial Arts weapons: the chain whip and the rope dart.