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Toa of Air
Group Order of Mata Nui
Element Air
Kanohi Great Faxon
Tools Energy Absorption War Axe
Status Alive
Location Northern Continent
Pronunciation Tell-tall-uh

Teltala is a Toa of Air and servant of the Order of Mata Nui


Early Life

Teltala was one of many Matoran living on Lesovikk's homeland when the local Turaga went insane and shipped many of the Matoran to Karzahni. Once there, and the other Matoran were "modified" by Karzahni, rebuilt in a much more weak and small form.

Horrified by what he had done, Karzahni equipped all of the Matoran with powerful weapons and sent them all, including Teltala, to the Southern Continent. Once there, Teltala and a group of Matoran broke off from the other Matoran to form a village near the coastline of the continent, away from what would one day be Voya Nui.

They lived there in solitude for thousands of years, until roughly 5,000 years ago, a severely injured Toa of Water came to their village and plead for their help in medical aid and harboring her from a team of Dark Hunters that was looking for her.

Teltala and several other Matoran partook in healing Galika, and keeping her under the radar of the Dark Hunters. However, the Hunters eventually discovered that the Matoran were keeping her, and proceeded to attack the village.

After a protracted battle in which Galika succeeded in defeating two Dark Hunters to buy the Matoran time to escape, she, Teltala, and another Le-Matoran were cut off from the rest of the group, and were forced to escape from the continent.

During their time together for the next few thousand years, Galika acted as a mentor to the two Matoran, teaching them how to survive defend themselves with their weapons that they received from Karzahni.

After quite a long time with the two, Teltala struck out on her own after a disagreement on ethics with Galika. It is known that at some point in her adventures alone, Teltala became a Toa.

Order of Mata Nui

Teltala crusaded alone for several years, until she was approached by a member of the Order of Mata Nui who extended an offer to her to join them, based on her previous achievements as a Toa. Teltala accepted, and was recruited into the Order.

After being delivered to Daxia (blindfolded so she would not know it's exact location), she was sent to train under an Order member named Zyktar. For several weeks they trained together, until she was transferred to be the partner of another new recruit: Jareroden, Toa of Iron and Magnetism. They were sent by Vrisna to take down a Skakdi pirate base on the coast of the Northern Continent.

She is currently there with Jareroden.

Abilities and Traits

Teltala is a cool and level-headed Toa, always devising a way out of a given situation. She is always eager to make new friends, and cares about her close friends greatly. She tries to make light of a situation, no matter how grim it may seem.

Despite this, she is fierce in combat, fighting with a rather freestyle form of combat that she learned from Galika. Her form as a Matoran was very frail thanks to Karzahni's tampering, but this was undone when she became a Toa. It is also worth noting that her armor took on an appearance similar to Galika's, thanks to their time spent together.

As a Le-Matoran, Teltala was able to access the vestiges of dormant Elemental Air Energy and possessed a natural affinity towards high-altitude climates. Teltala was also entitled to considerably larger energy reserves than most other Matoran.

Upon her transformation into a Toa, Teltala unlocked her Elemental Powers and gained the ability to generate, control and manipulate air vectors. At will, Teltala was also able to generate breezes, gusts, tempests, hurricanes and form constructs out of Air currents, which could be expanded to cover large areas from energy-based attacks. Furthermore, her manipulation over Air entitled Teltala to greater agility and status as a prodigious natural athlete.

Mask and Tools

Teltala wields a war axe that she received from Karzahni, that allows her to drain energy from her surroundings or a foe. However, it also takes energy from her in the process, so she uses its power sparingly.

She wears the Kanohi Faxon, the Great Mask of Kindred, which gives her the ability to copy the powers from a given Rahi.


Strength: 10
Agility: 16
Toughness: 14
Mind: 13


  • Teltala's personality was loosely based off of Tali'Zorah from the Mass Effect games.