Naho: "Predator... It's a pleasure."
Telerath: "It will be your last."
―Telerath and Naho, before the former's death
Group Dark Hunters
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Element Earth
Kanohi Shelek
Tools Staff
Status Deceased
Location N/A
Pronunciation Tell-A-rath

Telerath was a curious Onu-Matoran explorer who joined the Dark Hunters.


Telerath was traveling through Metru Nui when he was captured by the Visorak. They brought him to their master, Roodaka, and she took his staff from him (which he had found recently during his explorations). Roodaka shot him with her mutation spinner. He grew enraged at her and attacked her, which only ensured Visorak venom. Telerath, mutated and hideous, took back his staff and fled. When he returned to his home island, not even his closest friends recognized him, thinking he was a mutant Rahi. His fellow Matoran captured him and turned him over to the Metru Nui Archives, which he escaped along with his staff.

Telerath then wandered the islands, terrorizing Matoran villages. After 1,000 years he got tired of his new life and turned to the Dark Hunters for ways to get paid and get revenge. He was later killed by Naho in the Toa/Dark Hunter War.

Powers and Abilities

Telerath has enormous strength, is very cunning, and a swift runner. His Kanohi Shelek gives its user the power to temporarily make a target simultaneously deaf and mute for as long as the user maintained their concentration. His staff can shoot out an energy ball that can immobilize his target.

Personality and Traits

Telerath has intense hatred for water and Onu-Matoran.


  • The Dark Hunter Seeker currently searches for Telerath's staff
  • Telerath's Dark Hunter name was Predator