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Twin Daggers, Air Launcher
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Tekli is a female Matoran from Mahri Nui who aided Ihu and Frydax on their mission to stop Pyrez.


Tekli was sent to Karzahni to be repaired at some point in the past, and was promptly shipped off to Voya Nui. When Mahri Nui broke off and sank into the sea, Tekli fell with it.

Years later, a Toa called Ihu arrived in The Pit, with an Order of Mata Nui member called Frydax. She helped the two to find Makuta Pyrez.

She later escaped Mahri Nui with the Toa Mahri, and fled to Metru Nui, where she helped to rebuild areas of Ga Metru, which had been damaged by the Great Cataclysm.

When Teridax rose to power, Tekli was attacked by a Density Control Mechanical Rahkshi, who changed the density of her whole body, freezing her like a statue. She was then taken by Helryx to a safe place, since the Matoran was now defenceless.

2 years later, Ihu managed to reverse the Rahkshi's powers and restore Tekli's control over her own body. She then proceeded to hide in the Archives, where she was attacked once again by Tuyet, who was fighting a Rahkshi for the Spear of Fusion. When Tekli tried to use it, it's powers went wild and fused all three with a nearby wall, giving them the appearance of carvings. They were later freed, although Tekli's current whereabouts are unknown.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Ce-Matoran, Tekli has the latent potential to become a Toa of Psionics. She also possesses a natural resistance to telepathic intrusions.

Tekli is inquisitive by nature, a trait that often gets her into trouble. She doesn't know when to stop looking into dangerous events or when to run away from a situation.

Like all inhabitants of Mahri Nui, Tekli spent many years being entirely reliant on air bubbles to survive, and kept an Air Launcher with her at all times outside the city. She also carried Twin Daggers which thrummed with psionic energy, though these were lost when she was fused with and removed from a wall.