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Tehktranuian Watercraft
Water Craft
User(s) Public
Functionality transport
Status Most Destroyed

The Tehktranuian Watercraft, usually abreviated to Watercraft, is a vehicle used for transportation through rivers, lakes and other aquatic areas in Tehktra Nui.


The Tehktranuian Watercraft was designed and created by Vehicular The Watercraft was commonly used at the Tehktra Nui ports by Ga-Matoran. One such user was Lenel.

Before Tehktra Nui rose out off the surface of Aqua Magna, Keyme evacuated the surviving Matoran of the island onto Watercrafts to off shore bunkers, where they would be able to survive. The fleet had been navigating through the Nevex river, but due to violent earthquakes, the river-bed raised a few meters above the normal level, subsequently creating a tsunami. The giant waves threw the Watercrafts, along with the Matoran, into the city. While some Watercrafts collided with rocks or with the buildings of the city, most of them ended up at the ocean, where their pilots most likely drowned.

However, there was one Watercraft carrying Gairon, Onipex and Lenel that was thrown deep into the city, where they survived. Onipex and Lenel fell off clear, but Gairon was lost. Two days later, they found the remaints of the destroyed watercraft along with an unconscious Gairon.

Storage watercraft

Watercraft as they would appear in their containers


On Tehktra Nui, millions of the Watercraft and held in massive cargo containers at the Ports. The vehicles are lifted out of the containers by cranes on the harbour into the sea. It is quite difficult task, and a matoran is usually needed on the ground to assist crane operators. One such matoran was Lenel.

Watercraft fan

A rear mounted fan


A Watercraft is a craft capable of travelling over surfaces while supported by a cushion of slow moving, high-pressure air which is ejected against the surface below and contained within a "skirt." Although supported by air, waterrcraft are not considered an aircraft. Watercraft are used throughout the Tehktra Nui as specialized transports. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Small Watercraft are used for sport, or passenger service, while giant watercraft have civilian and military applications, and are used to transport MVTs and large equipment. The massive rear fans are used to steer the Watercraft.


  • They are based on the real world Hovercraft