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"I have killed toa far and wide across the land. What makes you think you can live? Even if your armor is gold, I can shoot you in a critical spot. Goodbye"
―Tayuka to Auga (BIONICLE: a secret savior.)
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Tayuka's favorite thing to do was terrorize matoran . He decided to move up a level to terrorizetoa. in A Secret Savior , he is only found in karda nui. Auga kills him In A Secret Savior. After that, he came back to life (although he was just faking his death and fought Auga inBIONICLE: The Assassins.

Powers and equipment[]

He had four Air cannons and his claws with Death as his power. Later he got a staff like axe taller than he is and fought Auga again.


He is a cold-blooded beast killing everything in his way (even his own teams shadow matoran if they slow him down)

Stats out of 25 maximum

Strength: 20
Agility: 7
Toughness: 20
Mind: 13


BIONICLE: A Secret Savior