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Tatras Magna
Somewhere in the BIONICLE universe
smaller than Spherus Magna

Tatras Magna was a planet in the BIONICLE universe.


Early History[]

Tatras Magna was created by an unknown force billions of years ago. It was filled with beings of a species known as the Mentonians, a species of peaceful beings that are brutal if necessary. They, along with several species of beasts, populated the planet. They lived in peace and prosperity with no war from anyone.

Evil's Takeover[]

100,000 years ago, the planet started filling with evil for unknown reasons. Crime broke out all across the planet, with no way to stop it all. Only a few remained good. The Deity of Nothingness, along with Shadowhawk, a Mentonian, Trilax, and the Deity of Light, then created a plan to destroy the planet.

A Great Being fortress was on the planet, but the Immortal Followers didn't hear about them in time, and the beings blew up the planet. The Great Beings had also dveised a plan to successfully save Spherus Magna, and when they heard that, the followers were mad at themselves, since the destruction of Spherus Magna was on their heads.

The Mentonian survivors of the explosion went to the Matoran Universe, hearing that there were some uninhabited islands from a Great Being while searching for a new home.


The Mentonian species mostly inhabited Tatras Magna. Many beasts also made homes on the planet