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Tatara is a mountainous region where various mutated, monster-like beings and some regular Matoran and Agori live. It is on one of the edges of the Skrall Mountains; however, despite being a part of the mountain range, which is inhabited by Skrall, no Skrall live near Tatara, due to the mutagenic gas surrounding the area.


It is unknown how Tatara formed or where Tatara is, but it was located by a team of explorers after Spherus Magna's reformation. In an attempt to colonize, however, at least half the crew was mutated and were forced up into the mountains.

Over the years, Tatara recieved more visitors. However, some of them were mutated and forced deeper into Tatara.


Tatara is made up of two halves: lower Tatara and upper Tatara. However, lower Tatara consists of two other locations.

Lower Tatara[]

Tatara Pass[]

Once one enters Tatara, they will encounter Tatara Pass. The location is a mountainous area, with only one path through.

Tatara Island[]

After going through Tatara Pass, there will be an island surrounded by a lake, known as Tatara Island. The island is the dividing point between lower Tatara and upper Tatara, half the island being lush and tropical and the other half barren and dead. It's inhabitants are either normal appearing, or slightly mutated.

Half the island is dead and mutated because of a mutagenic gas surrounding upper Tatara. On the other side of Tatara Island's bad side, one will see many wrecked ships.

One side of the lake is filled with harmless water Rahi, with the exception of Razorfish, while the other is filled with deadly, vicious sea Rahi.

Upper Tatara[]

Upper Tatara is the mountain range beyond the lake containing Tatara Island. The area is mostly composed of the one massive mountain near the end of the area. The mountain also contains some dead plants.

Surrounding the mountain that makes up upper Tatara is a gas that, when inhaled, will mutate anyone who goes up. However, the effect is a lagging one, and prolonged exposure speeds up the process. The amount of gas will increase as one goes up the mountain.

Several legends surround the mystery of Upper Tatara. One is that the mountain leads through to the land of the dead. Another states that the various mutated beings have formed a colony at the top of the mountain. Another states that, at the top of the mountain, is a pristine paradise above the clouds, separated from the gaseous mutagen.


  • The concept of Tatara was created by one of Toa 95's friends.
  • "Tatara" is an old Matoran word meaning "from death to life" and "from life to death".