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Primary ResidentsTargaskians
Former ResidentsNone
LocationNortheast of Artidax
SizeRoughly 2x the size of Metru Nui

Targask is an island northeast of Artidax. It is home to roughly 1,500 Targaskians.


About 100,000 years ago, the great spirit Mata-Nui created the Targaskians to inhabit the island of Targask. There are four different types of Targaskians: Agrek, Kaljar, Gartang, and Burtek. These different types of Targaskians set up four villages. This island was home to the League of Six Kingdoms member Carapar, who was a Gartang Targaskian. All was peaceful on this island...Until Civil war struck

The Targaskian Civil War[]

Main article: Targaskian Civil War

The war began when the Gartang Targaskians decided to put their combat skills and great battle tactics to use by conquering the island. First, they allied with the Kaljars and convinced them to help then conquer Targask. Together, the two armies crossed the Great Darskun river for an attack on the Agrek Village. They were spotted by a pair of Agrek hunters, who reported their position to the rest of their tribe. An Agrek army marched to meet the Gartangs and Kaljars in battle by the Great Darskun river. The Agreks were outnumbered, and were defeated. This battle came to be known as the Battle of Darskun. shortly after the battle, the Agreks called to the Burteks for help, who agreed to ally with them against the Gartangs and Kaljars. This was the beginning of the war.


Main article: Geography of Targask

The island of Targask is mainly a grassy plain. Some notable geographic locations are:

  • Mt.Kaljar, a volcano at the center of the island.
  • The Agrek forest, the only area with an abundance of trees.
  • The Gartang desert, a desert located to the southeast
  • The Gartang river, a river that flows through the Gartang desert.
  • The Great Darskun River, the longest river on Targask.
  • Great Darskun lake, a large lake formed at the end of the Great Darskun river.