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This article is about Tapio's House in Bio-Land. You may be looking for the one in Comic Land.
Tapio's House
Primary Residents Tapio, Aino, Matoran Hordika and Nahi
Location Bio-Land
Status Intact

Tapio's House is a big house located in the western part of Bio-Land.


Tapio's House was originally built on the Rocky Area, which at the time, was full of grass, by Henkka, Tapio and Aino. They then settled to live there.

Several parts of the house was destroyed by the attack from Griddlers in Alliance of the Enemies. Henkka, Tapio and Aino left the house to search for Alex's Fortress. The house wasn't touched during that adventure.

They didn't return until the end of the adventure called Return of the Enemies. At this time, they had made many friends that joined them in the house. While repairing the house, a few more rooms were also added.

The house was severely damaged again soon, by some Vahki and Rahkshi of Tonga. After driving them away, the heroes again left the house while battling Tonga elsewhere. After this adventure they returned again, some in different forms.

Soon the house was completely poisoned by several Lerahk. The ones living there escaped again, leaving the house once more. They didn't return to the house beofre the ending of the adventure, False Reality. At this time the house had already been repaired by Tapio who used the Mask of Reality.

The doorway to the house was destroyed by Reidak later, at the time the Toa Nuva were in it with Tapio and his friends. The beings in the house began another quest against the Piraka and left the house. After that they only returned to get their stuff from there, since they moved to Comic Land.

The damaged house stood deserted for a long time when it's inhabitants were in Comic Land. When the Grandeg's Robots attacked, teleporting all of Bio-Lands inhabitants away, the grassy area which the house stood on, brurned. The house didn't suffer much but the ground it stood on became barren.

Tapio, Aino, Matoran Hordika and Nahi later moved back to their old house, only to see the barren ground. They chose to remain in the house, however, and repaired it again.

Since then, the house hasn't received any damage.

Matoran Hordika's Garden[]

Matoran Hordika, despite the now barren land, has started to try and grow something in it, by making a garden near the house. She hasn't managed to grow anything in it yet, but still tries hard.


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