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"Though not a prophesized hero, his sense of loyalty and good will had made him one in the eyes of thousands of Matoran."
―Henkka's thoughts on Tapio
Tapio pose
Group Ko-Matoran with Po-Matoran heritage
Kanohi Light brown, Noble Matatu
Colors White, Brown
Occupation N/A
Tools Sword
Kuvat 052
Kanohi Mask of Strategy
Colors White, Brown
Element Strategy
Tools Sword of Strategy
Mega Matoran
Kanohi Mask of Laser
Colors White, Brown
Element Laser
Tools Heat Swords
Matoran Nuva


Kanohi Mask of Laser
Colors White, Brown, Silver
Element Laser
Occupation Comic Maker(Formerly)
Tools Staff of Laser
Pronounciation Tah-PEE-oh
Great Spirit
Powers Teleportation
Location Tapio Nui

Tapio, A.K.A Toatapio Nuva, has an interesting past. He is the main protagonist of HT Adventures alongside Henkka, who is his best friend. Tapio has been a part of dozens of adventures and battles and has transformed many times. In the end his good deeds were recognized by the Great Beings, who sent The Oracle to make him a Great Spirit.


Early History[]

Tapio was born to a Po- and a Ko-Matoran. His father was from Metru Nui, his canister fell off one of the Airships used by the Toa Metru to escort the Matoran to Mata Nui. The canister floated in the sea, until it reached the shores of an island called Feritanaya. He was freed by a Toa, who didn’t become Turaga, since awakening only one Matoran took hardly any energy. The Matoran later met a Po-Matoran who was a female, and the two of them fell in love. They later had Tapio and Aino.

The happiness didn’t last for long. Years later, a Giant Monster destroyed their house, and killed the parents. Tapio and Aino survived, and they were taken by their aunt to be taken care of. When Tapio was older, he was sent to a local school. There he met two Matoran, that came his best friends: Lottie and Inwirn. He hated school because his teacher, Mr. Serwa used to beat him and his friends.

One day a Sandmonster attacked the school. All children ran away except for Tapio, Lottie and Inwirn. They battled the creature, but it caught Inwirn and poisoned her. The monster was drove away, and it seemed that everything was fine with Inwirn.

However, after a few weeks, the poison started to have effect on Inwirn, since she became more aggressive and angry even at her friends. Then one day it happened, her mask got infected and Inwirn turned evil because of the poison... permanently. Inwirn started battling Lottie and Tapio. After defeating them, she ran on the roof off the school. She had a cunning mind, and had a plan.


Tapio and Lottie confronting Inwirn

When Tapio and Lottie awoke, they headed where Inwirn was. When they got to the top, they thought that Inwirn would try a suicide. But no... Inwirn started battling her former friends again. She had somehow obtained a sword. Because of a move made by Tapio during the battle, Lottie fell off the roof. She died, and as Tapio cried, Inwirn fleed, stating that she didn’t want to kill Lottie. Tapio picked up Inwirns sword which had fell from her hands in the battle.

Tapio was at his house, while his aunt was shopping with Aino, Inwirn broke in with the Brainsucker Machine. She chased Tapio until Dumpa came to block the only exit. As Inwirn fired a blast, Tapio dodged it and the blast hit Dumpa instead. Dumpa became a drool monkey, and Inwirn fled with him, and the machine.

Tapio went and told the incident to his friends and his younger sister: Aino, Sewre, Arthur, Thul and Thal. Meanwhile, Inwirn had a new plan. Disguised as Tapio, she terrorized the whole land, making the inhabitants on the land think him as a menace. Then, without a disguise, she started to lead a group of citizens to kill Tapio for “his evil deeds”. Tapio and his friends escaped on a boat and searched for a new land to live on. Unfortunately, Tapio’s aunt was left behind.


Two Large Beasts blasting Tapio out of their way

Tapio and his friends arrived on an unknown shore, which was really the Kewa Beach. It was night, so they slept behind bushes. In the morning, Tapio woke up because of screaming. He looked behind some rocks and saw four Matoran running away from Two Large Beasts. Tapio took out his sword and charged at the beasts. He was blasted away easily and the creatures were gonna destroy them with an energy ball. Henkka, however, who was one of the four Matoran, hit it with a baseball bat and the enegy ball hit the two creatures. They ran away and the two groups of Matoran shared their tales.

Tapio’s friends and the Henkka's Band were separated and they all went their own ways on the island of Bio-Land. Henkka however, grouped with Tapio and Aino, since they had became very good friends. They built a house to the western side of the island and settles there.

Alliance of the Enemies[]

Kuvat 124

Tapio and Henkka battling Griddlers in their home.

Years later.... One day the Griddlers of Inwirn, Tapio's old enemy, attacked the home. They fought them off, and succeeded in defeating them, although the house was badly damaged. They, meaning Tapio, Henkka and Aino, hid behind a rock and waited for Griddlers backup forces to arrive. Instead, they saw a Minion Dog investigating and Henkka realized that his enemy, Alex, was behind this.

Tapio went with Henkka, Aino and two friends that Henkka had called, Iruini and Pewka to make a journey to Alex's Fortress to confront him. On the way they had to battle lots of Griddlers and Minion Dogs.

When Tapio and the others faced Kidhiki and Nekka, a huge battle began which ended in Kidhiki's Nova Blast. After the Nova Blast, Aino and Iruini were gone. Tapio thought they were dead and cried. Then, hungry for revenge, he quickened his pace to the fortress with Henkka. However, they doon met up with Iruini and Aino again. They also met Matoran Hordika, a lone Matoran who agreed to join them.

At the fortress, Tapio, Henkka and Aino went into the building secretly through ventilation systems, while the others battled the Griddler and Minion Dog army. They finally got to a room with a huge pool of Energized Protodermis meant for experiments. Alex confronted them and whirled Aino into the EP. Tapio, once again, thought that his littlesister had died. That wasn't true. Aino rose from the EP as a Toa instead. Henkka insisted that Tapio and Aino would go find the source of Griddlers while he'd face Alex. Everyone agreed.

In another room, also with Energized Protodermis for experimental needs, Tapio and Aino found Inwirn with Juho and Dumpa. Tapio was suprised to see his old enemy again and tried to battle her, but Juho and Dumpa attacked.

Soon, Kidhiki and Nekka came into the room too. Aino challenged them while Tapio fought off Juho and Dumpa. When Inwirn was escaping, Tapio succeeded in grabbing her foor. Then, because of an attack made by Nekka, he, Aino, Tapio, Inwirn, Juho and Dumpa fell into the EP below (Kidhiki got defeated by Aino a little earlier.

They were all fused into the Ketawnki, a powerful being, who chose to follow the light instead of darkness. With one swing of his blade, Ketawnki sent an energy wave that destroyed the Griddlers and the Minion Dogs, thus ending the fight.

Ketawnki was too weak to stay fused now and thus, defused. However, the ones in the fusion got a portion of Ketawnkis great powers, turning them into Toa. The bad guys escaped. Tapio noticed he was a Toa now and went to rescue Henkka, who had been badly damaged by Alex. Alex was there too, also damaged. Tapio used his new Toa Power to cure Henkka and the good guys left, leaving Alex in his fortress.

Return of the Enemies[]

When Tapio was going home with the others, they were suddenly attacked by a group of Fire Matoran and a Vahki. In the battle, he was seaprated from the others with Henkka and Matoran Hordika. Although they had to find Aino and Iruini, the three first decided to avoid more Fire Matoran by going around them via the Kowa Mountains. On the way Henkka fell into the Protodermis Lake and became a Toa.

On the Kowa Mountains, Tapio, Henkka and Matoran Hordika met with two friendly Muaka & Kane-Ra that joined them. They also found Miira's Army from a cave and they joined the group too. They now had a good team so they finished their journey around the Kowa Mountains and set off to seek for their lost friends. First, Tapio wanted to gather some more help, however.

Newer 002

Tapio with some Tohunga

Tapio led his new friends all across Bio-Land to gather some of his old friends. Sewre, Arthur, Thul and Thal. They all agreed to help him and his friends. Next Tapio and the group started searching Bio-Land for the friends. On their way they had several battles with Fire Matoran and Matoran Hunters. Finally, though, they found Iruini and Aino. They had found the Tohunga to assist them and so the large group headed for Inwirn's Second Base to end the threat of the Fire Matoran, although Henkka and some others went to confront The Claw, who had sent the Matoran Hunters attacking them.

Tapio decided to battle at Inwirn's Second Base. He snuck into the building while his friends fough the pawns of Inwirn and found Inwirn herself. They fought but when Tapio was winning, Inwirn transferred her powers into Juho, who escaped. Tapio then threw Inwirn into a chasm, believing she would die. After this he and the other good guys left for The Claw's Base where they witnessed Henkka dying but Iruini sacrificing his own life to save him. After the tragedy, the group of good guys went into Tapio's House, all settling in that one house.

Tonga's Attack[]

Tapio was worried because his and Henkka's house had become full of Matoran, who they had met during their previous adventures. The inhabitants of the house now included himself, Henkka, Aino, Matoran Hordika, Miira, Thul and Thal, Arthur, Sewre, Pewka (she had a stall), Muaka & Kane-Ra (they too needed stalls).

That was too much in a small house.


Toa Tapio facing two of Tonga's Rahkshi

Suddenly a wall of the house was destroyed and a small group of Vahki stood there. Tapio and his friends attacked and managed to drive them off. They, however, wondered what could've commanded those Vahki. They started a journey to find out. They eventually, after lots of research, found out that it was a Makuta named Tonga who had sent the Vahki and Rahkshi that they had had to battle too.


Tapio as a Mega Matoran.

They got another problem, however. Inwirn had been rescued from the fall by Rordika and now she was off for revenge with the Rordika's Hunters. There were several battles between them and Tonga's forces.

Eventually Tapio and his friends reached Tonga's Lair. There Tapio went in with Henkka, Aino and Toa of Sound that they had earlier met. Inside they met the Zaxx, a guardian beast of Tonga. Toa of Sound challenged it while Tapio, Henkka and Aino snuck in Tonga's room.

There they came face to face with the evil Tonga. They battles long and hard until Aino found the only way to destroy him: Sacrifice own Toa Power. All the three friends started channeling their Toa Power into Tonga. At first Tonga laughed but was then overhelmed of power and exploded, spreading his energy across the room. The enrgy flew through Henkka and Tapio and they turned into Mega Matoran!

War of the Clones[]


Toatapio Nuva in MNOG form


Toatapio Nuva rising from Protodermis.

Now there were no longer so many beings living in the house. Sewre, Arthur, Thul and Thal moved back to their own homes and Muaka & Kane-Ra were taken by the Tohunga Village as pets.

The peace was broken soon again, however, as the Lerahk army created by Inwirn attacked and poisoned the whole house. Tapio and the others were forced to escape and they ran. However, Tapio tripped on the way and fell in the Protodermis Lake. He came out as a Matoran Nuva! He, however, had already got lost from his friends and was alone. The Lerahk were no longer pursuing him but he knew they would soon. He set off to find his friends and a place to hide in. This journey lead him to the Montan Mountains.

After journeying in the Montan Mountains for a while, he was about to faint when someone appeared in front of him. Tapio didn't recognize him. He grabbed Tapio and he fainted.

When he woke up again, he was in a forest. He didn't know how, or why, but he was there, and he soon after met up with Henkka and the others, with them Pakri, Kauhkahu and Mataiti that had escaped the attack in the Shoe Village. The friends discussed about what had happened. Whole Bio-Land and other lands too had already been conquered by the Lerahk and soon they would be found too. Henkka got an idea and went with some others. Tapio and the rest went to Inwirn's Third Base.

There they were attacked by the Lerahk army. They tried to battle but were losing, when all of a suddn Henkka came with all the inhabitants of the conquered lands. They had started a rebellion and a huge war occured. Tapio, Henkka, Aino, Toa of the Toa and Toa of Sound went in the base. Henkka was left behind, though, battling Juho.

Inside the group confronted Inwirn with Dumpa. A fight came and Toa of the Toa sacrificed his life to destroy the Cloning Machine that Inwirn had used for the army. This caused the building to collapse and everyone got out.

Once out Tapio met with Henkka again. They looked at the war. It would not end well. Suddenly they saw something above them. An Exo-suit, used by a Toa in the fight, had been damaged and it fell from a cliff. It landed right on Tapio and Henkka, making them unconscious.

Invasion of Spiders of Doom[]


Tapio illuminating a dark place using his Staff of Laser during the Invasion of the Spiders of Doom

When they woke up, they saw that everyone was gone and there were Visorak webs all over the place. After investigating Inwirn's Third Base, they buried the body of Toa of the Toa and went out for some exploring.

They found lots of odd creatures, one of them was mutated Aino who escaped them. Then they were challenged by two of the Spiders of Doom. They won but were chased all across the island after that. That was until they were taken to the Toa of Sound by three Rahaga.

The group then split up, Tapio with Henkka, Gaaki and Pouks, on a quest to find the hideout of the spiders. After lots of adventuring they found it and went in with the other group later.

Tapio went to the roof with Henkka but they were attacked and Henkka was turned into a monster by the spiders. They battled and Tapio fell, to be catched by Pouks who then freed Henkka. The group then battled the king spider inside the main building and managed in driving it away with the other spiders. After this the group helaed as many Matorna as they could, getting back most of their friends. They had to quit in the middle, however, because they had heard that Inwirn and her minions were heading for a strange cave.

Tapio and his friends followed them into the Cavern of Lava, where Inwirn threatened to use the great Mask of Reality to change reality into her liking. Tapio and the others prepared to attack her but it was too late... Inwirn used the mask and everything... everything was changed.

False Reality[]

In the False Reality created by Inwirn, Tapio lived in the city of stone. He had no memory of the real reality. He worked as a cleaner of their Turaga's house.

One day Henkka came to speak to the Turaga, for he had found an interesting tablet. This began the adventure. According to the tablet, Henkka was supposed to go in a temple in the wilderness. Tapio came with Henkka to assist him, because the Turaga ordered him to and they later found out that they were the Chosen Ones.

They then started a quest to collect their old memory back and gather all the Chosen Ones to do the same. During the adventure they braved many dangers, mostly Inwirn's Visorak, and unlocked the secret of the False Toa. The False Toa began to help them.

In the end Tapio and the other Chosen Ones lead all the Matoran of the land to Inwirn's Castle, which was in the center of the island. There they entered and faced a beast. It was battled by the False Toa while the Chosen Ones found Inwirn's room. They found it and battled her and her two minions, Dumpa and Lerahk. During the battle Tapio found the Mask of Reality and put it on. He then consentrated and changed the reality back to normal, although he did make a few mistakes in it.

Everyone (except Balta) had lost their memory of the false reality. They were back in the Cavern of Lava, fighting Inwirn. During the fight, Inwirn, Dumpa and Lerahk fell into lava with the Maks of Reality. After a huge flash, it was all over. The mask was destroye din the lava, and presumably the bad guys too. Tapio and his friends returned home, which had been all cleared from the damage done by the Spiders of Doom, because of Tapios reality change.

Piraka Attack[]

After their previous adventure, Tapio and his many friends, now Miira, Pakri, Mataiti, Kauhkahu, Ak, Balta, Aino and Henkka, who was now a Powerful Tohunga, went home. Tapio's Mistakes had cured everyone from the venom of the SPiders of Doom and Bio-Land had mostly been rebuilt again. The group decided to split up and go their separate ways, since they believed Bio-Land was safe now. Henkka left them, for he had been chosen as the new leader of Tohunga Village due to his brave deeds. So Aino and Tapio were home by themselves.

After some while, the six Toa Nuva knocked on Tapio's door. Aino went to open and let the Toa in. The Toa started telling their story to her and Tapio. The Toa Nuva had got fired by Dark709 after he had started his version 3.o comics. They had travelled back to Metru Nui, where they were given a mission to obtain the mask of life, for Mata Nui was dying. They had been beaten by the Piraka and saved by the Inika. But since there were new Toa know, The Toa Inika, The Nuva were being forgotten. So they moved to Bio-Land to find another job, and had come to ask Tapio if he had a job for them.

Tapio was about to answer "no", but the door was blown up by a bomb from Reidak, who had spotted the Nuva earlier and followed. He soon found to be overnumbered with six powerful Toa and some Matoran. He escaped quickly, leaving the Toa Nuva and Tapio and Aino. Soon after the whole group was summoned by Henkka to Tohunga Village. The group went there.

Henkka told them that the Piraka had been spotted in the Tohunga Volcano, building a base. They knew they would soon attacked the village and together the large group formulated a plan. The Toa Nuva would battle the Piraka once they attacked, but the village would be emptied and evacuated. Balta's Samurai School was also to be called to help.

Henkka and Tapio evacuated the Tohunga and returned to the village. They found the Toa Nuva badly beaten with Onua and Pohatu, the strongest ones of the team missing. The Toa Nuva told that they had lost to the Piraka again and that Onua and Pohatu had ben taken to their base. Henkka left to save them while Tapio and the others stood and helped the Toa Nuva recover. Meanwhile Aino regathered the Tohunga and brought them back to the village. The group started then planning what to do next.

In the end, it came to the final battle against Piraka's armies on the Henkka Island. The battle was a success.

After the long adventure, Tapio decided to move to Comic Land to become a Comic Maker. His friends came too and so they moved in Comic Land, Bz-Metru, Kahu Street 3.

Time in Comic Land and the Quest for the Four Great Lands[]


Tapio in his comics.

Toatapio Nuva's Comics were quite succesful and Tapio made new comics continuosly with his friends. His life turned into a paradise of humor and idiots.

One day, a strange orange Matoran came to the house. He was Zuxan. He was asking for the Guardian but Aino reminded that he had been killed a few months later. Zuxan gasped and told his story. He was one of the Four Great Brothers, the last one, and if he died, the Four Great Lands would be destroyed. Suddenly, the doorway exploded and Grandeg, Zuxan's enemy, was there. He tried to battle the comic ccharacters but there were too many of them and he was forced to retreat.

Tapio and the others decided to go and discuss plans in Ko-Koro Reserve. On the way, however, they were attacked by GRandeg again, this time with Grandeg's Robots. After a fight, Zuxan begged Tapio and his friends to retreat, because he was in danger. Tapio agreed and got away with Zuxan, Henkka, Miira and Ura. The others were captured and taken away, however.

The small group decided to go and find the stones of the Four Great Lands. On their way to the Skaroon desert, they were attacked by Grandeg's Robots. Miira and Henkka stayed to fight them while Tapio, Zuxan and Ura escaped to continue their quest.

The group was thristy in thedesert and were about to faint when they found Turaga Matthew, selling water. They went there and bought some water, after which they were taken to Vahkoro, who was sunbathing on the desert. He and Turaga Matthew joined them and they started their way to Musterdia. First, though, they rented some Kahu birds which they could fly on.


Tapio flying a Kahu

They finally got to Musterdia and met two yellow Matoran, Kitras and Kikka. Kitras had found a stone earlier and put it into his hut. Tapio and his friends got the stone, but were attacked by Grandeg's Robots. In the battle, Kitras was killed and hugry for revenge towards the robots, Kikka joined the team. Before they continued, however, they went to get some weapons from a local weapons house.


Tapio fighting Grandeg's Elite Robot

The group used Kahu's and started to fly to the temple of comic land. They were attacked by a massive army of Grandeg's Robots, however, and had troubles staying alive. Tapio fell, but was saved Aino, Dvd and the other comic characters that were driving an airship. On the ship, Tapio and his friends had to battle Grandeg's Elite Robot, which they won in the end.

The Airship was damaged so badly, however, that they had to evacuate. Tapio used a Kahu to get away from the doomed ship.

The groups then got united and shared their adventures. They then split up to find the rest of the stones. Tapio was in the group that went to Gruissiono. There, their ship got attacked by Bruhodag. They survived, however, and Tapio went with Zuxan and Turaga Matthew while the others defeated Bruhodag.


Tapio discovering the Gruissiono Matoran

The three of hem found the Prison Cave and entered, only to find the Gruissiono Matoran. They agreed to help them and battled the final army of Grandeg's Robots and the Hill of Gruissiono. Aino saved the Four Great Lands and the fight ended.

Tapio and his friends returned home only to find their stuff missing. Therefore they all moved back to Bio-Land, in their old house. Well, not all. Only him, Aino, Matoran Hordika and Nahi went to their old house.

Return to Bio-Land[]

Tapio lived a peaceful time for a long time.

Recently Tapio, Aino and Matoran Hordika went to Kohonga City to vote in the Bio-Land's Leader Election. They returned, although Aino stood behind to go a little shopping. Once home, he and Matoran Hordika were attacked by Morphy and Ziggo.

Aino came just in time to save them. They then took the two to the police. Soon after that, Arthur called Tapio and asked him and his friends to go to Tofug City. They did this and found out that Arthur wanted them to join him in Arthur's Battleship, in order to find and destroy the possible base of the Spiders of Doom, that had recently started a war, in the Drekor Desert.

During the quest, the ship was attacked by two unknown Matoran, skilled in fighting. Tapio and Matoran Hordika fought them, Tapio getting badly damaged. Aino came to save him, but then the ship was destroyed by other airships. The two Matoran escaped with parachutes as the ship fell down.

When it crashed, Tapio was severely damaged, to the point that he was dying. He was taken back to Tofug City with Aino and the others, where he was taken to the best inventors of Tofug City. He was healed by replacing many of his damaged parts, making him partly robotic. His Staff of Laser was attached to his mechanical arm and his mask got a new lens.

Tapio journeyed to the eastern side of the Bilda River with Arthur to help Bio-Land soldiers there in vattle against the Spiders of Doom. At some point, Aino came there and met Tapio again, for the first time after his healing. Aino soon went to Comic Land and Tapio stood in Bio-Land. Later, as he heard about everything that had happened in Tohunga Village, he journeyed there with some soldiers to find Aino. He got to the Piraka Base and witnessed Alex's transformation into a titan. Soon after Henkka broke in and fought Alex.

The Rising[]

Then suddenly, Mata Nui awoke and the rising of the Matoran Universe shook the entire island. After the rising, startled, Tapio looked outside and saw the body of Mata Nui. Henkka explained that Teridax had taken control of it and fought Alex again, this time they disappeared because of the Life Machine.

Tapio went with his friends to find Arthur. They found him safe near the place he was left in. They began planning about how to free the Matoran Universe from Teridax's Reign and get the Ignika, where Mata Nui's spirit was trapped in, back to their planet. They decided to go into space, after the mask.

Tapio in Space[]


Tapio's canister malfunctioned, flying through space.

Tapio, Arthur, Matoran Hordika and three Matoran soldiers went into a spaceship and after saying goodbye to Aino, flew into space. After several weeks they landed on Moonan and found a tunnel leading underneath it's surface. The group left the ship on the surface and descended. They found a strange world with stone pillars and water everywhere. They made their way through the place, walking on floating rocks and evetually came to a village. Before they could enter it, a boat with a few Na-Matoran came to them, asking about where they came from. Surprised to hear about an outer world, the Matoran ordered the group to throw their tools and weapons into the water, so they could enter their village. Tapio refused to let go of his Staff of Laser and it was attached to his hand. Wanting to get in the village however, Arthur ripped it off him forcefully and threw it in the water.

The group was lead into the village and taken to their Turaga. The group told their tale to the Turaga, which confused and fascinated him greatly. The Turaga ordered his help and took the group in a hut with a crazed Matoran that built canisters. They looked a lot like Toa Canisters. Before the Turaga could say anything, the crazed Matoran started babbling about "the day that had come" and about the "beings he had waited for 100 000 000 years" and so on. He then put Tapio and his team all in different canisters and launched them through the Moonan's surface, into space.

The canisters were supposed to take Tapio and his crew to Mata Nui, but the canisters were damaged and didn't work. Tapio fell into a deep slumber because of the canister's effect and his life processes were slowed down almost to the extent that they'd completely stop. After this the canister just flew through the endless space, without a destination, seemingly for eternity.

Great Spirit[]

Tapio suddenly awakened and found himself surrounded by a room of light. He didn't see his canister anywhere nor did he see anything else familiar. However, he soon saw a being standing in front of him. The being introduced himself to Tapio as The Oracle. He offered Tapio a chance to become a Great Spirit, because of his so many heroic deeds. He had proven himself.

Tapio didn't know what to do. The Oracle told him that if he became a Great Spirit, he could a few last actions on his current universe and then he would be given his own. Tapio thought about it. If he became a Great Spirit, he could help Aino and his friends on Bio-Land... but then would never see them again. The Oracle told him that if he refused, he would return to the canister and continue his life as it would've normally gone.

Tapio decided that he'd rather become a Great Spirit and use his final actions in the current universe to help his friends instead of going back to slumber in a Toa Canister he might never get out from. The Oracle gave Tapio his hand and told him to touch it to become a Great Spirit. Tapio still hesitated for a moment and, bursting in tears as he did so, touched The Oracle's hand.

Tapio was surrounded by incredibly bright light and he could feel he was losing his mortality. Becoming a spirit, Tapio teleported Arthur, Matoran Hordika and the three guards out of their canisters in space, to the Kowa Mountains, where the sanctuary from Teridax was. Tapio knew Mata Nui would survive on his own, back to his universe, so he didn't need any outside help.

Tapio's final act in his own universe was also the teleportation of all beings of the BIONICLE Planet to the holy sanctuary of Kowa, including Aino. Tapio told Aino that he was now above all she could understand and that they would never see each other again. Tapio told her to keep good care of the holy land. As Aino started crying, Tapio made a physical Matoran form of himself for a few seconds to hug her littlesister. Both crying, Tapio disappeared after the hug, teleported to his new universe which he would maintain.

Tapio Nui[]

Tapio was built a universe by the Great Beings and Tapio could create things in it. He created Matoran that resembled the ones he knew from his own universe as well as several plants and a few Rahi. After creating in his new universe, Tapio started maintaining it, laying several clues there which hinted about his own, previous universe and it's fate.

Abilities and Traits[]


Toatapio Nuva as a Chimoru Omega sprite

Tapio is a shy, bold and a kind person. He is not good at making new friends but he is really close with the old ones. He, however, still helps almost anyone who asks for it. But it takes a lot to win his trust. Tapio is also noble and courageous, and humoristic too. He can be lazy, however, at times.

After becoming a Great Spirit, Tapio received many new powers including teleportation, inner maintenance of his own universe and creating life.

Mask and Tools[]


Tapio's mask in it's original form

Tapio's mask is a special one. It has gone from generation to another for a long time until it ended up for Tapio, after his father was killed. When Tapio became a Toa, he got the mask power of strategy. He didn't use it much, however. As a Mega Matoran, the mask didn't have power. But as a Matoran Nuva, his mask power is laser.

Tapio reseved his first tool after Lottie died and Inwirn escaped. It was Inwirn's sword. Tapio carried it and it transformed into a bigger version when Tapio became a Toa. They later became the Heat Swords which were connected into the Staff of Laser. The Staff of Laser is able to shoot laser in all in it's forms. It also works as a skateboard. The staff became a part of his arm when he was repaired but Tapio lost it on Moonan.


  • Tapio has made Henkka's Tasks harder to achieve, due to one of Tapio's Mistakes
  • Tapio has had various name changes but he is mostly called just Tapio. First was when he tranformed into a Toa. He was Toa Tapio. When he became a Mega Matoran, he changed his name into Toatapio to honor his Toa days. When he became a Matoran Nuva, he became Toatapio Nuva, the name was used in Toatapio Nuva's Comics.
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  • As a Great Spirit, Tapio's symbol is shaped like a noble Matatu. Tapio chose this as his symbol in honor of his father and predecessors that all wore the same noble Matatu that was given from son to son.


"At last... After all those dangerous... my parents getting killed along with my friends... moving to a new land but still not safe... everyone wanting to kill me... or someone who's with me... after all the pain, suffering and adventuring... I'm home, and no one can destroy it anymore."
―Tapio after moving back to Bio-Land
"He remembers my past, Henkka. That's not...that's not right"
―Tapio telling about Ak
"A gag where someone gets hurt isn't a good one."
―Tapio's motto

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