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Spiriah Jr.(A.K.A. Taorix )was a Makuta who was the "son" of Spiriah. He was a former Av-matoran, who later transformed into a Makuta. Spiriah Jr. was considered quite insane by other Matoran.


He used to be an Av-matoran who was transformed into a Shadow Matoran and was fused to Spiriah's back, 2,000 years ago. When Spiriah was absorbed into Miserix 2,000 years later, Spiriah Jr. somehow escaped Miserix's body and turned into a Makuta. Spiriah later decided to avenge his "father"'s death by killing Miserix. But first, he needed to find the Mask of Life and use it's power inorder to kill Miserix. Spiriah Jr. then traveled to Karda Nui, only to find out that the Mask sacrificed itself to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

Spiriah Jr. decided to rename himself Taorix and later traveled to Bio-Land. Once on Bio-Land, Taorix discovered that Makuta Teridax had taken over the Matoran Universe, and that he destroyed most of Bio-Land by using Mata Nui's body. After walking across the badly damaged landscape, Taorix found a Matoran named Serwa sitting on a boulder. The Matoran panicked, dashed of through the Drekor Desert. Toarix then continued walking aimlessly across the barren desert and after a few hours, he started to go insane(desert madness). The Makuta was now started to see things and after a few more minutes, he finally lost it. He ran though the desert, screaming. Taorix later bumped into the Matoran he saw earlier and killed him as a result of the Makuta's insanity. Suddenly, Makuta Teridax came to Taorix in a vision. He told him that he "must punish the ones who dared defy him", the Matoran.

Later, Taorix found the Matoran in a campsite in the Kowa Mountains. He attacked a Matoran named Mataiti gaurding the camp and then absorbed him, and then attacked and killed the other Matoran in the camp, but he was eventually driven off by Balta's team.

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