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"That... was... Awesome!!!!!!!!!"
―Talua, after using his Elemental Power for the first in thousands of years.

Talua was created by the Great Beings to take down the Element Lords and was the first Toa in existense to have more than one Element.


Talua was meant to guard Matoran from Glatorian and Agori forces during the Core War and was given the task of destroy the Element Lords(Which he failed to do for unkown reasons) but when the shattering took place he gave up his Toa energy(and for some reason his memorys of his life) to the Great Spirit to help power it.

Matoran, Then Toa again[]

When Talua awoke he could only remember his name and started a life on Voya Nui and worked in the forsest(It is unknown if he was caught by the Piraka or not). But after he was freed he ran to his home to pack his belongings but was zaped by the Mask of Life. When he rose he noticed he was no longer a Matoran and was given a Zamor Sphere Launcher and, for the last moments on his old home, flew away. Along the way he meet some less than friendly Skakdi on Zakaz. Though he defeated them with the help of a Toa of Iron named Blacksmith. He is currently living in Metru Nui.

Powers and Tools[]

Talua once had a normal Kanohi Miru, which was then turned into a Miru Nuva(Fit for an aireale enviornment due to the fact that his armor comes with flight gear) and was granted a storm blade by the Kanohi Ignika and then a Zamor Sphere Launcher with a scope on it, along with wrist blades. He also has the power of both Water and Air(Though he could only use the two seperatly in normal attacks but to use a larger attack such as a nova blast he would have to combine the two to form a level:10 Hurricane). He also has razor-edged wings that he even had before the shattering.


Talua is brave and heroic. He believes that if you have a dream, then you should stick to it no matter what. He always works as a team and thinks that everyone else but you comes first. Making him the opposite of Tyrak. He does everything "by the book" and never goes against the rules. But some times he can act imature and chidish(whitch is very common)and is called a moron by Tyrak several times after he meets a female Toa. He is usually called a "Ladie's man".


  • Talua is LhikanRULES95's brother's Self-MOC
  • Talua thought his Element was Plant Life until he became a Toa again
  • Talua's color scheme Lime green and dark blue is used to represent my brother's favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks.(But I am not a sports fan).
  • Toa Talua was going to be Lewa's son, but this idea was too odd.


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