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In the time before time, Their was A great spirit named Mata Nui. also, there were the matoran villagers that lived alongside him.

Then, Matanuis brother, Teridax, Put him into a deep slumber.

The dark ages began.

Then, Six toa washed up on shore.

Their names were:

  • Tahu, Toa Of fire
  • Gali, Toa of water
  • Onua, Toa of earth
  • Lewa, Toa of air
  • Kopaka, Toa of ice
  • Pohatu, Toa of stone.
  • weapons:
  • Tahu carried a Fire Sword and wore a Hau.
  • Gali carried Water Hooks and wore a Kaukau.
  • Lewa carried an Axe and wore a Miru.
  • Pohatu carried Feet Additions and wore a Kakama.
  • Onua carried Earth Claws and wore a Pakari.
  • Kopaka carried an Ice Sword and an Ice Shield, and wore an Akaku.

the toa faced many challenges and over came them all.

After the defeat of the makuta, more happened, involving other toa, But all was overcome.

At least, that is what they thaught.

After Teridax took ofer the universe, A few toa in artahka Were Shot into the ocean and washed up on an island fragment, called Trongera.

There names were:

  • Toa voltech, Toa of lightning
  • Toa Ajequa, toa of water
  • Toa Feredas, toa of iron
  • Toa Wehura, toa of gravity

They are supposedly the only hope.

Ch.1 Who am I?[]

"No!", said a matoran craftsman of Artakha. "these projects are secret and only to be used in emergencys."

"now is an emergency!", said another craftsman. He seemed upset. "the universe is contr... IS TERIDAX!!! If thats not an emergency, Sulfics, I dont know what is!"

"Ok, ok", said Sulfics. We will launch projects 32F and 212F tomorow.

The next day.

Pwoosh! the canisters were launched from arthaka, twords where the pit was. And they sunk.

When they hit, One of the canisters opened. Out came Project 32F, Codename Frost.

He opened the other, which contained Project 212F, Codename blaze.

there story can be found HERE, but on to ours.

Accidentally, 4 other canisters launched. they were toa canisters.

When the first one, Toa Feredas, washed up on shore, he said one phrase...

"Who am I?"

Ch. 2 ...[]

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