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League of Six Kingdoms (Formerly), Barraki
Twin Knives
Spherus Magna

Takadox was a warlord and former member of the League of Six Kingdoms.


Takadox was the informal leader of the six Barraki and involved in the creation of the League of Six Kingdoms, although he secretly kept the Brotherhood of Makuta apprised of the League's activities. Later, he and the other Barraki rose up in rebellion against Mata Nui, a rebellion that was quickly squashed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. However, before he could be executed, he was spirited away to the Pit by Botar for his crimes against the Great Spirit.

When the Great Cataclysm struck the Matoran Universe, the quake hit the Pit, destroying it and allowing is prisoners to escape. When the jailer, Hydraxon was killed, the prisoners were allowed to make a new life in the waters of Aqua Magna, although they were mutated by the black waters. Takadox and the other Barraki built a kingdom beneath the seas which was destroyed when Mahri Nui came dislodged from the from Voya Nui and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The Barraki were forced to hide beneath the city, striking at the Matoran whenever they could.

When the Mask of Life sank beneath the sea, the Barraki all attempted to obtain it to restore themselves to their previous forms, and to resume their conquests in the Matoran Universe anew. However, the Toa Mahri prevented them from using it to their own ends in the Battle of Mahri Nui. During this battle, Takadox's status as a traitor was revealed to the other Barraki and he was shunned by them. Later, Dekar-Hydraxon recaptured the former prisoners of the Pit, including Takadox.

Just prior to the Destiny War, the Order sent for Carapar to serve in the Order Strike Team, a federation of fear to recover Miserix from Artidax and enlist him against Teridax. Shortly after arriving on Artidax, Takadox betrayed the Order Strike Team, trapping them and stealing their boat. The boat was quickly destroyed, however, and Takadox was forced back to the island until three of the Toa Mahri arrived, whereupon he hypnotized them and escaped with their boat.

Reign of the League[]

In the Reign of the League Universe, Takadox was a member of the League of Six kingdoms, and ruled the Southern Continent, consisting of the Main Continent, Voya Nui, and Mahri Nui.


In the MARVELOUS-Verse, Takadox was a Minor Lord, one of Karzahni's four vassals, who ruled over the island of Daxia.

Abilities and Traits[]

Takadox used a pair of Twin Knives. He also had the power of hypnotism.