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The Kanohi Taiku is the Mask of Poison. It allows the user to poison an opponent's body, greatly weakening them. The power of this mask can eventually kill a foe should it remain active for an extended period of time. While a powerful mask, the Taiku cannot increase any pre-existing powers of poison its user may possess. It can, however, poison a foe from a considerable distance; unlike the poison powers of Makuta or Rahkshi, which require physical contact.

Like most masks, the Taiku requires constant concentration in order to be used effectively.

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  • The Kanohi Taiku was originally designed by User:CrazyCarapar (BloodKirby84 on Youtube)
  • Toa would not normally wear this mask because they consider its power immoral, and due to its popular association with the Makuta.
  • Clawrisk the Vampire will use an Upgraded version of the Taiku, in "Tales of a Triator".