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Alpha Being

Tahkod was a malevolent Alpha Being and former Vizier of his species.


Tahkod held the prestigious position of Vizier, making him the second-in-command among the Alpha Beings, and he was deeply favored by Mersny, the leader of the group. As the closest advisor to Mersny, Tahkod was the first to learn about Mersny's genocidal plans. Despite finding the idea of such violence mad, Tahkod chose not to speak up against it.

When Mersny eventually disclosed his intentions to the other Alpha Beings, they turned against him, leading to his exile. To Tahkod's dismay, Vavakx was chosen as the new leader to replace Mersny. Feeling that he was robbed of his rightful place and denied the opportunity to ascend to the leadership position, Tahkod harbored a secret resentment towards Vavakx.

Driven by his desire to destroy Vavakx and claim the leadership of the Alpha Beings for himself, Tahkod conspired with the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax. Together, they planned an invasion of Takiw Nui.

Makuta Nutrex into became the general of the invading forces and, throughout the five-year Takiw-Nui War, Tahkod fed Nutrex information, hoping that the invasion would lead to the downfall of Vavakx. At the height of the conflict, Tahkod played a key role in advising Nutrex to manipulate Toa Guhjii, one of Vavakx's bodyguards, into betraying Takiw Nui. The plan was for Guhjii to lead Vavakx into a trap, allowing Nutrex to assassinate him. However, the scheme failed when Deriahk, Vavakx's bodyguard, launched a massive counterattack, leading to the defeat of the invading forces.

After the war's conclusion, Guhjii revealed Tahkod's involvement in the conspiracy, and Vavakx sentenced him to death for his treachery.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tahkod possessed a strong sense of arrogance and believed that he could always control any situation he encountered. His confidence in his abilities and his desire for power likely contributed to his involvement in the conspiracy to overthrow Vavakx and his quest for leadership among the Alpha Beings.

Being an Alpha Being, Tahkod had complete control over his physical form. This meant that he had the power to shape-shift and manipulate his body at will, granting him a level of versatility and adaptability that few others possessed.

Mask and Tools[]

Tahkod adorned himself with a Great Mask of Stalking.