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Onu-Matoran Rakesh
Earth blade
Karza Nui

Tahae is an outlaw Matoran Rakesh (a short Rahkshi-like subspecies) of Karza Nui, who has stolen from such diverse locations as Metru Nui, Mata Nui, Karza Nui, and Karzahni.


Tahae first made a living as a thief on Karza Nui, stealing scrap metal of different values from underground. Eventually, he decided to become involved in crime of a higher profile, so he made his home into a bunker and created a motorbike out of the scrap he stole, the G1-PMB.


Tahae riding his creation, the G1-PMB

Tahae began by stealing small amounts of riches, making clean getaways with several jewels and treasures. However, he soon learned that a guard of Matoran had been posted at high-risk areas, so he forged himself a blade out of some remaining scrap metal for self-defense, and infused it with a small amount of earth power.

On his next mission, a few weeks later, he had an encounter with some Matoran guard speeders. He made quick work of them, though the riders were not harmed, and escaped with large quantities of protosteel.

Personality and traits[]

Despite Tahae's status as an outlaw, he was looked up to by many Matoran for his bravery and quickness of mind. He would rather get captured than to kill another, so his combat moves were designed not to kill.

He was very careful as well, usually spending a week on a plan, and could be known to think one out for as long as two months. He was cheerful, yet slightly strict, and liked other Matoran. He has been known to talk about and watch the Mata Nuian sport of Kolhii, which he has played on a few occasions.

Powers and equipment[]

Tahae wielded an earth blade, which was a blade attached on to a stone shaft. This blade could control a small amount of the element earth, and could be deadly to the Matoran guard. However, he was careful not to use it to kill.

His powers, if any, as a Onu-Matoran Rakesh are unclear.


  • In Maori, "Tahae" means "Thief".
  • Tahae stole little from Mata Nui, as he found it boring, and instead preferred Metru Nui for its jumps and highways.