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This article is about an island in a pocket dimension. You may be looking for Gatris Nui, the alternate version of Taavok Nui.
Taavok Nui
Alternate gatris nui
Pocket Dimension
Matoran, Turaga
taa-vohk new-ee

Taavok Nui is an island created by Makuta Teridax's creation of the World Schism during the Dark Times. The island is under the constant threat of the effects of infinite improbability energy.



Taavok Nui is created at the same time as the World Schism without the knowledge of Teridax. The island was a copy of Gatris Nui at the time of the creation of the World Schism. However, instead of most of the plant life being killed off by the World Schism, like on Gatris Nui, the plant life survived and thrived due to the effects of the infinite improbability energy.

A small starter population of Matoran were teleported from Gatris Nui to Taavok Nui upon its creation, only having vague memories of their homeland. Several names were carried over via residual memories, such as Gatris, which was given to the Sea in the southwest, and Mata, which was given to the large northern river. The island appears to be floating on an infinite sea in all directions.


The Grand Tree[]

The Grand Tree is an enormous tree, possibly the biggest in the universe, created by Infinite Improbability. Millions of Matoran live in the caves underneath it, the trunk, or the branches. The Tree is located on an equally enormous rock, created by lava from an eruption from a now-gone volcano.

Golem Island[]

Golem Island is a small island to the east of the main island that doesn't suffer from Infinite Improbability for unknown reasons. A large wall separates it into two parts, and connects the island to the main island like a bridge. It is also a popular vacation spot for the people of Taavok Nui.

Infinite Island[]

Infinite Island is a small island to the west that served as the capital of Taavok Nui. It's defining feature is a gateway back to Gatris Nui, shrouded in mystery and beyond the understanding of the Matoran who live there. On occasion, Matoran from Gatris Nui appear on the island with the same vague memory as the original starter group.


  • The island was named after Turaga Taavok, who was the first being to arrive there. He currently serves as the Island's Turaga.