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Ta-Kriva (fire town) is a keep in Kavaka Nui.


Ta-Kriva was made by the first Ta-Matoran on Kavaka Nui, Tematin, Tekint and Taryn among them. Over time, the interior of the keep grew from a village into a bustling city, during the Golden Age of Kavaka Nui.

But with the rise of the Cutl, the city was pillaged several times, many Matoran were killed, and over half of the keep was destroyed. This meant the city regressed back into a village.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Bayora
  • Charen
  • Inirii
  • Kantu
  • Mavahi
  • Tahkon
  • Tara
  • Tarawak
  • Taryn
  • Tekint
  • Tematin - Current Village Turaga
  • Zahdoz - A Toa of Fire who allegedly built the Temple of Zahdoz, died just before the rise of the Cutl.
  • The village's first Turaga who promoted Taryn to rank of Guard Captain- died of natural causes during the Golden Age of Kavaka Nui.


Ta-Kriva is a keep located on an island on Tematin's Lake on Mount Tematin.