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Kuhrii spriteif it has this on its page then it is a TKA comic

The TKA Comics are comics created by the user Toa Kuhrii Avohkii. They are usually about the Toa Kynika and their friends.

TKA stands for 'Toa Kuhrii Avohkii.'

If you want to be a guest star then fill out a form on the talkpage.


Drawn Comics[]

These are comics that I drew with a pencil and scanned with a scanner. On the second one, the text has been added in digitally.

  • TKA Comic: Tritau vs. Lamaki-Kal
  • TKA Comic: Kikumu and Chicken Thief

Guest Star Comics[]

Obsidia Comics Chronicles[]

Coming soon!!!

Actually, it has turned into a series of animated movies. The first one is almost done.

Producing of these has come to a halt, since I have ran out of ideas of what should happen. 0_o