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Rock Tribe
Second-in-Command of the Skrall
Two swords, saw shield, thornax launcher
"I am a fighter, I have no interest for prisoners or slaves. I kill whoever Opposes me, whether they are allies or enemies. All you are Glatorian, is another joke"
―Sycra to Magnus

Sycra is one of the most powerful Skrall on Bara Magna and is Tuma's apprentice and second-in-command of the Skrall and the Rock Tribe. Unlike the other female skrall, she was chosen to join the other Skrall to the south and Tuma chose her to be his loyal apprentice and second-in-command of the Skrall and Rock Tribe.


Strength: 12
Agility: 11
Toughness: 14
Mind: 12


Early life[]

Before The Skrall headed South, Sycra was a weapon monger. When the creature known as the Baterra attacked, the Skrall were overwhelmed and were forced to retreat. When the skrall were geetting surrounded, Sycra picked up a thornax launcher to get their attention so the Skrall could get a head start. Sycra managed to defeat some of the Baterra, but Tuma grabbed her and retreated to the south.

Becoming an Elite[]

When Sycra woke up, she found herself covered in black and green armour. Tuma had informed her that the skrall were now in the south. Tuma had then chose her as an act of her bravery to become his apprentice. She accepted and started training with Tuma ever since. After training, Sycra was promoted to the Elite class and had toughened up and had become more violent and evil. Some Skrall thought that it's not right to have a female Skrall in the army and decided to fight against her. She killed the skrall who challenged her and warned others not to offend or oppose her of who she is. The Skrall all wanted her to be exiled, however Tuma decided that Sycra should straighten out. Afterwards, Sycra started training Skrall who were pathetic and weak. One of her students she trained and promoted was named by Tuma called "Skrallax" known for his brutallity and skills greater than any normal Skrall.