Swamp City
Primary Residents Matoran, swamp Rahi
Location Bio-Land, Great Swamp
Status In good shape, growing

Swamp City was once the city with most of bad fame. It has started to become more popular, though, during time.

The city smells awful because of the Great Swamp. The Great Swamp is also the reason why it's hard to get to the city. Airships are the most popular way of travelling there. The city also swarms with tiny insects coming from the swamp which harrass the inhabitants.

Nevertheless, Swamp City has become more popular in many ways and more and more Matoran move there. The city is also very well protected, it has great walls all over the city, separating the swamp from the city.

Swamp City also has very sophisticated sewer systems and the sanitary is being improved all the time.


Swamp City is the newest city in Bio-Land, built after the first two. It had bad fame for it's humidity, smell, unpleasant environment but has since become more popular.

Recently Swamp City has began to prepare for war because of the Spiders of Doom attack in Tofug City.

Known Residents