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Storing Kanohi and Toa tools
Scattered across the Matoran Universe

A Suva is usually a type of shrine dedicated to the Toa.


Suva play an important role in a Toa's destiny as can be seen with the one in the Great Temple and the Toa Mata's Suva shrines on Mata Nui.

They can be used to store Kanohi and teleport Toa masks to and from a Suva when they are needed. Little is known of the mechanics involved in them, but it's been confirmed that they physically store Kanohi and not in a form of energy like when they're summoned.

Other beings such as Turaga can use Suva, however, and there are multiple uses for Suva.

Special Suva, known as Toa Suva, are able to transform Matoran into Toa, and are capable of holding Toa tools as well. the most prominently known of these is the one located in Metru Nui, although others do exist.

Most Suva are commonly used by and dedicated to a single Toa, storing their Kanohi and acting as a monument to them, but are capable of servicing multiple Toa if necessary.

Known Suva[]

Matoran Universe[]

  • Metru Nui's Toa Suva- A prominent fixture in the Great Temple in Ga-Metru, it houses several sets of Toa tools as well as several Toa stones.
  • Ora Nui Toa Suva- the only known Toa Suva in the Southern Islands, it is much less grand and well-maintained than the Metru Nui Suva, although it is still viewed as quite important.
  • Various local Suva across the Matoran Universe, often kept in a village of Matoran.
  • Nynrah Suva - an ancient Suva deep underneath Nynrah, at the end of a shifting maze, where Toa Sayart and before him, the Toa Nynrah, were transformed from Matoran. It appeared to have been in disuse for a long time between the transformations of Nynrah's Toa team and Sayart's coming, because it had gone through a lengthy process of reactivating its ancient technology.

Endless Ocean Planet[]

  • Henkka Suva - A Suva in Henkka Island.
  • A Suva in the Temple of Henkka with unknown purposes
  • A Suva deep inside Valus Capro on Gapro.

First BIONICLE Planet[]