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Support is a Makuta who is actually a being from an alternate universe. He is a Makuta because he travelled from an alternate reality and shapeshifted into a Makuta in the process. This is the reason that he is allied with the Matoran and Toa.


Support was a human who fell into a portal to an alternate reality. He transfored into a Makuta and immediatly found a Matoran, who mistook him for Teridax(since he was in Teridax's Shadow Titan form). He explained to the Matoran that he was on their side. The Matoran took him to some other Matoran who built his Rhotuka Shield and desinged his Rhotuka Spinner power. He went to Metru Nui and explained about what happened. He has protected the Matoran since then. At some point he forged a Kanohi Ignika which replaced his Kraahkan.


Support carries a Rhotuka Shield which can launch his Rhotuka Spinner. He also carries a Shadow Spear and has a Tridax Pod, which contains special Reverse Shadow Leeches. He wears a Kanohi Ignika which he made himself.


Support can use all 42 Makuta powers and can create Kraata. He has a Rhotuka Spinner which can absorb a being's energy signature and then transfer it to Support. This allows him to transform into that being and use it's powers, tools, and mask/s. The Rhotuka Spinner can also absorb the being's power causing a "power outage" affect. He later modifid it so that it could gain an energy signature by coming into contact with information about a being. He made a Kanohi Ignika which he wears. He is the only one apart from Toa Ignika who can acess the full power of the mask, and can also place curses on anyone he likes. He can control the effects of the curses. His Shadow Spear can launch shadow energy.


  • Support is the Bionicle form of Qwertbreak.
  • Support's real name is Callum.

For information on his activities, please see Support's Blog.