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Sumina 1
Group Council of Eight (formerly)
Occupation Member of the Conuicel of Eight (formerly), Archaeologist
Element N/A
Powers Same as his people.
Kanohi Matatu-shaped Rau
Tools Staff of Irakih
Status Alive
Location Xy'nthlr.
Pronunciation Soom-inn-ah

 Sumina is a Mersion that went missing before Alxor invaded Versuva.


Little to nothing is known about him, save that he was a member of the second generation of the Council of Eight. He began studying Mythology and Anthropology, striving to become an Archaeologist. During his research, he came across The Nameless Tome, hidden alongside a copy of it. He (unwittingly) took the original, and began reading from it. From it, he learned of Artahka and Ukara. He became fascinated by them, sometimes referring to them as "the perfect Utopia". So enthralled was he, that he left the Council to pursue his research.

He was last seen leading a team to an excavation towards some ruins, believing that they had some connection to the two great lands. No one saw them after that, save for his apprentice, who was driven mad by the experience of the trip. While many point their fingers at the young Mersion, what really happened is much more different. Sumina was led into a fool's errand, and right into The Shattered's clutches. He was pulled through the Tome and into Xy'nthlr, becoming yet aother prisoner of The Faceless Reaper. He still remains there to this day.

Ablitiies and Traits

Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he had a deep interest in Mythology and Anthropology. Many Mersions regarded him as being one of the wisest beings of their time, especially his apprentice. He especially has a deep interest (if not an obsession) with Ukara and Artahka. This trait, sadly, was what led him to his downfall and capture.

As a Mersion, he should have the same abilities his people possess.

Mask and Tools

Sumina always carried the Staff of Irakih with him. It was designed to utilize the materials from Lightstones as a light source. This would allow it to function as a torch or flashlight of sorts. It could also harness the light energy within the area, focusing it into a Non-Elemental laser. He wore a Matatu-shaped Rau before his disappearance.


Strength: 13
Agility: 11
Toughness: 14
Mind: 17


  • Sumina's name is "Animus" spelled backwards, which is Latin for: Mind, soul, heart, affections, feeling, and temper.
  • His species was created by Chicken Bond.