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Ra to Subject 1345
Subject 1345
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Subject 1345 is the 1345th genetic hybrid of Tahu and Ra.


After seeing the power Ra possessed, Gigas decided to clone him. After many failed attempts, he realized that specific parts of the Guardian species were un-clonable, so he removed key parts of his DNA that could not be cloned, replacing them with parts of Toa Tahu's DNA.

After many successful clones, he tried to create an "elite" clone, with some memories of Tahu and Ra. The end result of the project, codenamed "Project Starblast", was Subject 1345.

Gigas used this elite clone to take out anyone who was considered a threat to Gigas' forces. While doing this, the clone became very close to his pilot, Captain Weena, however, Gigas noticed this and tried to kill her, but Subject 1345 intervened, and continued to tear apart Gigas' labs in order to teleport down to Spherus Magna. He succeeded, but the two were separated, and he continues to search for her to this day.

Abilities and Traits[]

Subject 1345, although kind at heart, is an extremely angry person, and can be enraged very easily. He controls the elements of Stars, Light, and Fire, along with most Kraata Powers, allowing him to create, destroy, and absorb Solar, Light, and Fire energy, along with making solid projections of them.

mask and tools[]

He does not carry a weapon, preferring to carry solid projections of fire and star to fight.

He does not wear a konohi, as he has a kanohi hau embedded in his armour and can use that.

He was later given a beam sword, wich is a sword with a laser blade, and long-range pistol, wich was designed to take in as many upgrades as possible.


  • His concept was based off of Maulkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.