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This is a list of fanon storylines.

Gigas Magna Storyline

Organization of Darkness War saga

HT Adventures

The Legacy Chronicles

Ryta Magna saga

Tehktra Nui saga

Xaterex Multiverse Storyline

J97-S1407 Storyline


  • The Jarodin Saga
  • Ascension

Slikra Nui saga

Atax Nui Saga

Paradox of the Abysmal Saga

Antony's Hidden Chronicles

The Dark Side Trilogy

Survival of the Fittest trilogy

Altronia Continuity

The Arthidex Chronicles

Shadowmaster Continuity

B1202-S48 Storyline (Fate of the Skrall storyline)

Protosteel Saga

Terra Nuva Storyline

Fight-to-the-Death Stories

Time saga

Primordius Magna Saga

Dark Realities Trilogy

Shadows of Beyond

BIONICLE: Universe Series

  1. BIONICLE: Universe
  2. BIONICLE: Universe II: On Being A Champion
  3. BIONICLE: Universe III: War of the Worlds
  4. BIONICLE Universe: Lost Chroniclers

Downfall Universe Storyline

Pirates Storyline

V Osade Universe


Unending Shadows Storyline

Short Stories


  • Echo's Guide to the Fragmented
  • Within the Deep

Illusions Saga

Mainstream Series

Akloran Cycle

Marjosean Cycle

Endgame Cycle

  • Endgame: Windwalkers
  • Endgame: Harbingers
  • Endgame: Archangels

A.S.G.A.R.D. Short Story Subseries

  • Visitors (Leaders)
  • Far Cry (Sumaru)
  • Hammerhead (Enkang)
  • So Beautiful, So Magical (Astorr)
  • Apparatus (Roka/Apparatus)
  • System C6 (Skedo)
  • Maelstrom (Elbris)
  • Hailstones (Vinvar)
  • The Fighter (Anthion)
  • On the Count of Three (Avea)
  • Always Leave 'em Laughing (Theja)
  • Prowl (Tyvan)
  • Soft Undersides (Krika)

Oblivion League Short Story Subseries

  • Among Madmen (Leaders)
  • Mercy (Takadox)
  • Ruthless (Dekadan)
  • The Abomination (Vidax)
  • Prey (Shard) - Written by Echo 1
  • I am a God (Kobarus)
  • Death Shroud (Iova)
  • Curse of the Mountains (Ahkmou)
  • Abstractium, Dystopium (Vezon)
  • A Night of Violence (Saevus/Half-Skin)
  • Dirty Dealings (Trewn)
  • Unwilling Service (Victory)
  • Death Coil (Astami)

The Broken Order Saga

The Pravat Saga

  • Broken Order Twelve: Archcommand
  • Broken Order Thirteen: Pravat's Point
  • Broken Order Fourteen: The Deviant
  • Epilogue: The State of Kritor

The Kragator Cycle

The Krevator Cycle

The Kazsavor Cycle

  • Broken Order Eight: Point of Entry
  • Broken Order Nine: Duty's Call
  • Broken Order Ten: The Line of Kazsavor
  • Broken Order Eleven: Legacy's Say

The Feral Saga

Spherus Magna Chronicles

The Quest for the Ultimate Toa

The Magna Tales

The Dark Trilogy



These stories are not part of a series and instead are standalone in nature.