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Stone of the Ancient
Holds the essence of Reality.
Temple of the Ancient

The Stone of the Ancient is a powerful artifact in the Temple of the Ancient on Bara Magna. It holds the essence of Reality itself, making it one of the most powerful artifacts ever created.


The Stone was created by Solaris in order to hold the power of reality, it was necessary in order to make sure no being could hold its power for great amounts of time, or they could alter reality and pull the universe into a black void. Great battles were fought to determine who would posess the stone and protect it's power. The battles grew so intense Solaris had no choice but to throw the artifact into the Mortal Realm, soon after, the violence stopped.

Many millenia later, a group of Sand Tribe Glatorian discovered the stone, intrigued by it's power, the Glatorian thought it was sent to them by one of the Divines, and they began carving a temple out of the mountain. It took 300 years for the temple to be completed.

Today, the stone is shown as a symbol of power among the newly reformed Sand Tribe, when a Glatorian is granted the rights to go to the Temple by the head elder, something only granted every 300 years, he makes the 150-mile trip by foot to the temple, where he will be trialed in many tests inside the temple, if he survives, then he will be granted a very small amount of power by Solaris himself, if he fails, he will be killed, but he will still have a well life in the Cage.


The Stone of the Ancient holds the essence of Reality, a spirit that once lived among the most ancient of beings, one of the most powerful, his power ended up ripping his physical body apart until all that remained was his soul. It's power is so immense it can alter reality, and if one were to control the power of this artifact, they could hold the power to erase reality and destroy the Multiverse, so Solaris only grants very specific beings to hold the artifact for very small amounts of time. Also, severely limited amounts of it's power can be granted to any being Solaris finds deserving, as long as they have proven they will be wise with their new power.


  • The Stone once started out as a staff with symbols of legendary kanohi on it.
  • It bears a similarity to the Matrix of Leadership from Transformers, even though it was not based off of it.