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Staff of Nui
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Status In use
User(s) Conqueror
Functionality Creating dimensional portals, firing energy blasts and agony Rhotuka

The Staff of Nui, or Nui Staff, is a legendary staff of power wielded by the warlord Conqueror.


Exactly who created the Staff of Nui and why is unknown, though it is known it shared its creator with a similar artifact known as the Magna Warlance. The staff was stored on the isle of Artakha for many years until it was stolen by entities unknown. The staff traded hands many time over the years, having been owned by various beings and factions including the Dark Hunters, the Brotherhood of Makuta, and the archivists of Metru Nui to name but a few.

Eventually, the staff ended up in the possession of a Dark Hunter known as Conqueror, who wielded it for some time. The staff was destroyed along with its owner by The Shadowed One's eyebeams during Conqueror's confrontation with the Dark Hunter leader. Roughly five hundred years ago, the staff was somehow recreated along with Conqueror, who continues to use it.

It has since become the adopted symbol of Conqueror's new organization, the Dark Brotherhood.


DB Symbol

The Staff of Nui, as depicted on a Dark Brotherhood banner.

The Staff of Nui possesses a wide range of abilities, the full extent of which is still unknown. One known power is the ability to open dimensional portals in a fashion similar to a Kanohi Olmak, allowing its user to travel to different locations and universes. The staff is also an effective tool in melee combat, and possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts. A drawback to the weapon is that its power often causes large energy spikes, which can be used by enemies to track the staff's location.

The Staff of Nui is also equipped with a Rhotuka Launcher, which allows Conqueror to manifest spinners that cause direct neural stimulation of an opponent's pain receptors, causing agonizing pain.

Example Usage[]

In an episode of Society of Guardians Conqueror used his staff's power to fire energy bolts against Rahkshi he and Scar were fighting on Odina. In the same episode, he utilized the Nui Staff's dimensional gateway power to transport the Rahkshi to the Southern Continent.


  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, the Staff of Nui was taken from Conqueror by the Toa Empire and placed in the Onu-Metru Archives as a trophy.