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Staff of Leadership
Can control all primary elements, as well as the ability to absorb and refire any energy used against it.
Currently held by Nidherac

The Staff of Leadership is a weapon currently carried by Nidherac, It holds the power of all primary elements and is among the most powerful weapons held by mortal beings.


The Staff was created by Mata Nui as the source of the six primary elements. It was placed miles beneath the coliseum on Metru Nui in order to be protected from thieves and those who sought its power.

The weapon wasn't protected fully, though, A lone Skakdi found it while searching for loot in the tunnels. He brought it to the surface and up to his hut.

The power of this weapon was too great for him, and he was driven into insanity. Only after he was brought to the Outer Metrox, was the Staff found by local Metru Soldiers, and later by the Rahkshi. A battle was fought over who would posess the staff, it became so violent that Mata Nui had to recreate a primary source of the elements and decrease the power of the staff, as well as place a curse on it, saying that only true leaders would be able to lift the staff.

The battle was won by the Metru Soldiers, and the staff was placed in a small museum in the Coliseum, there it remained until the coming of the Visorak, Sidorak discovered the staff and tried to lift it, but couldn't. Roodaka tried as well, but failed. Only when Nidherac turned against Sidorak, he felt drawn to the staff, he went over to the case and attempted to lift it, which he could, because he had become a true leader when he turned against Sidorak and taught Blackheart how to survive against Teridax's forces if he needed to.

To this day the staff has been Nidherac's primary weapon, he will use it often in battle, along with a shield if the situation calls for one. The power of the staff has won him many battles with those even stronger than him.


The Staff of Leadership holds the power of all the primary elements. when these are combined, the staff will fire a laserbeam that can melt through anything it touches. As well as the ability to absorb and fire any energy used against it. It is among the most powerful weapons carried by mortals, as it could destroy practically anything it hits. It is forged from an unknown near-indestructible material and will withstand the power of Birithium.


  • The Staff was originally called "Staff of Energy", but its creator did not like that name at all.