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This article is about Tapio's tool. You may be looking for the Laser Sword.
"This tool is very practical. You can use it as a skateboard, as a shield... and the best of all... you can zap people with it!"
Staff of Laser
User(s) Tapio
Functionality(ies) Zap laser
Status In posession of it's user

The Staff of Laser

Staff of Laser is a very durable, heavy... and powerful tool used by Tapio. The staff was transformed from the Heat Swords when Tapio fell into Energized Protodermis and changed into a Matoran Nuva. He has since used it to zap laser on his enemies. It can be used for some other laserstuff too, however.


Tapio fighting Grandeg's Elite Robot with the staff of laser


Staff of Laser in Toatapio Nuva's Comics

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