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"The Staff of Defusion was once a whole weapon so terrifying yet dangerous at the wrong hand, but now it became a half self of that weapon."
―Kaisira explaining it to Dark Hunter Prototype
Staff of Defusion
Last resort uses, defusion living and non-living objects, control defusion creations, and randomly weaken element powers into harmless sparks
Void (from Kaisira's Kanohi ability), Light (after being purify)
rarely in use
Voya Nui (formerly), currently with Kaisira
Sta-ff of De-fu-ion

The Staff of Defusion is Kaisira's weapon use for as a last resort and also is one half of the destroyed Staff of Fusion.


The Staff of Defusion was separated and created into a physical weapon from the Staff of Fusion when the Piraka destroyed it in Nui Voya Nui. After created as a physical weapon, the Staff of Defusion wondered about in Voya Nui searching for someone to wield it for a few years until Kaisira came to Voya Nui. The Staff of Defusion then chose Kaisira to be its new user.


The Staff of Defusion is use as a last resort due to be very powerful enough to defusion living and non-living objects and controlling the defusion creations and also randomly weaken element powers. The staff's function can increase in accuracy of controlling of the defusion creations and also increase the strength of the defusion creations when combine with the ability of the Krahikii.