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Dark Hunters
Dark Hunter
could affect balance, air around him became venomous
Twin Slicers

"Spinner" was a former Toa of Air and a Dark Hunter.


"Spinner" was a Le-Matoran. He lived on a particular island south of Xeas where the Matoran didn't really think high of Toa. Sometime later he was transformed into a Toa and was forced to leave the island. He later joined a Toa Team with a Toa of Gravity, a Toa of Plasma, a Toa of Magnetism, a Toa of Psionics, a Toa of Mercury, Toa of Lightning, Toa of Plantlife, a Toa of Sonics, a Toa of Wood, and a Toa of Biotics. This was also the First Toa Team of Nukaku Nui. The Toa team was later sent to Ceva Nui to be trained in combat by Rellaj. At this time, they met the Toa Igniters. Spinner in particular was known for his nasty attitude for getting into it with the other Toa Team, particularly Vhikana, Ronok, and Voton. While in training, Spinner soon gained a reputation as being a brutal Toa, though Rellaj stated that his ways were tolerated since he never directly broke any rules. During one match with a Chebakka, Spinner overwhelmed the giant Rahi, and was about to continue when he was stopped by the Toa of Plasma who was the leader of his Team. Spinner continued his violent ways, despite a warning from the Toa of Gravity from his team that Matoran settlements and Turaga would refuse to allow to have Spinner's Team to protect them as long as Spinner was on the Team.

Later, Spinner and his Team were caught in a battle with Mutant Rahkshi during which Spinner was thrown into a nearly bottomless pit. He blamed his fellow team members for this action without definite proof. The Dark Hunters found him near death, revived him and somehow altered him to his current form and gave him the name "Spinner". "Spinner" only wanted missions involving Toa, but "The Shadowed One" insisted that he would take the missions that were given to him.

Tools, Powers, and Abilities[]

"Spinner" no longer had hismuch mastery over air after becoming a Dark Hunter, but all air around him became heavy and poisonous. He could cause vertigo in a target by looking at them or make them lose their sense of balance with a Rhotuka spinner from one of his twin slicers, combining the two slicers made a Rhotuka that could send targets into a coma, but this took so much energy that "Spinner" would be put out of action for a while as well.