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Spiked Macuahuitl Club
Spiked Macuahuitl Club
Status Myth
User(s) Araluus
Functionality Melee combat, channeling his energy blasts

The Spiked Macuahuitl Club was a sword-like weapon wielded by the legendary Araluus of Matoran mythology. According to ancient descriptions, it was mostly made of two blades of a metalic material with properties vastly different from Protosteel or any other form of metal found within the Matoran Universe. Set between and on the sides of the metal were thorn-like blades made of Peradion, an incredibly sharp volcanic stone that is similar to protosteel in terms of durability.

In addition to serving as an effective melee weapon, the club could focus Araluus' energy blasts, and possessed the ability to return to him when thrown. The Macuahuitl also sported a detatchable chain.


  • The Spiked Macuahuitl Club is based on an actual weapon known as the macuahuitl. It was a wooden club equipped with obsidian blades, and was one of the favored weapons of Aztec warriors.