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"I have lost more friends than I could have ever imagined. I have seen entire mega-cities razed to the ground in mere hours, and I have even witnessed the torture and execution of innocents who have not even committed an offense to the Empire’s… ‘Law.’ Well, let them burn. Let them burn a thousand times in the infernos of Karzahni. And now, I swear the full allegiance of the Hand of Mata Nui to the deaths of the three of that dare call themselves our dictators! And we, the bringers of righteous justice, will be the cause of their downfall! And now I say, death to Millennium! Death to the Dark Lord! Death to Eostra! Death to the Empire!"
Shardak, Broken Worlds
Spherus Magna Reform Coalition
Defunct; reformed into the Collectives of Light

The Spherus Magna Reform Coalition (also referred to as the Imperial Resistance or simply the Resistance) was a rebellion force created to oppose the ruthless rule of the Dark Empire on an alternate Spherus Magna. Originally formed from a multitude of rebellions, the Imperial Resistance quickly became the biggest threat to the Empire, and they were branded as a separatist organization by their leaders to the general public. Although the two factions engaged in a secret war with each other, the two groups maintained the pretense that they were simply in "heated political discussions" in order to keep the public under control. However, the illusion of peace would not hold, and eventually all-out war broke out, and in a massive final battle at Eostra's Stronghold in Bota Magna, the resistance defeated the Empire and exiled its leaders to the Confusion Dimension. After this, the reorganized themselves into the Collectives of Light, the new ruling government of Spherus Magna.


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