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Spherus Magna
Art Spherus Magna Reformation
Solis Magna System
 • Glatorian
 • Agori
 • Skrall
 • Great Beings
 • Matoran Universe natives
 • Various animals
In existence

Spherus Magna was once the home planet of the Great Beings that was destroyed over 100,000 years ago, until it was rebuilt by the Great Spirit Mata Nui. It is located in the Solis Magna system in the Wall of Stars galaxy.


Over 100,000 years ago, a spring of Energized Protodermis was discovered by a pair of Ice Agori. One of them touched the substance and was quickly destroyed; when others were brought to the sight, some were transformed into more powerful creatures. The Agori and Glatorian were taken with the substance with some skirmishes over the spring. Recognizing the growing situation, the Element Lords met to discuss handling the situation. An argument erupted and a six-way war was declared by the seven Element Lords. The Element Lords enlisted their respective tribes and fought for control of the spring. When the Great Beings secretly sent spies to the spring, it was discovered that the substance was spreading and the spring was growing less and less stable.

The Great Beings sent Raanu and Kyry to obtain a sample of the substance which they experimented on, deriving Protodermis. Using Protodermis, the Great Beings built a giant robot based on their Prototype Robot. Later, the Great Beings placed some of the Energized Protodermis in their creation, which Angonce christened the "Great Spirit, Mata Nui". Once complete, the Great Spirit Robot was launched into space, even as the war neared its climax. Abuse of Energized Protodermis had caused irreversible damage to Spherus Magna, and as the Element Lord of Fire seized the spring and started to tap it, the planet splintered into pieces, an event later referred to as "The Shattering ".

Solis Magna System location1

Spherus Magna's location in the Wall of Stars

After the battle against Teridax, the planet was restored by Mata Nui to what it used to be and the Great Spirit Robot was destroyed to make room and materials for Agori and Matoran to live.



Rodotus's map of Spherus Magna + Fragments

  • Matus Nui
  • Naria Magna (Blasted to space by the Great Beings)
  • New Orginization of Darkness base (destroyed)
  • Chamber of Spherus Magna
  • Great Being Temple (rebuilt)
  • Spherus Nui (rebuilt)
  • Teridax Temple (destroyed)
  • Spherus Magna Jail (destroyed)
  • Base of the Shadow Beings (destroyed)
  • Av-Matoran's Village (CCL)
  • Ta-Koro (Now part of Vulcanus on Bara Magna)
  • Ko-Koro (Now part of Iconox on Bara Magna)
  • Ga-Koro(Now part of Tajun on Bara Magna)
  • Le-Koro (Now part of Tesara on Bara Magna)
  • Po-Koro (Now part of Atero on Bara Magna)
  • Onu-Koro (Now part of Roxtus on Bara Magna)


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