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Sphera Forest
Position In Le-Sphera and Bo-Sphera of Sphera Nui, and near the Sphera Nui
Size Mainly unknown, Around three times the size of the Le-Sphera and Bo-Sphera putten together
Population Unknown, all wild rahi
Status In Existance (Partially burnt)
Pronunciation s-fee-RA Forest

"Beware of the forest. If it get its hold on something, not even a Bo-Magnum cannot get it back."
―Turaga Luwen

Sphera Forest is a forest located in Le-Sphera and Bo-Sphera, with a part separated from the two districts.


After an attack by a group of Skakdi to Le-Sphera, a Toa of Jungle named Erin sacrificed her Toa Power, becoming a Turaga, and also creating a natural shield, the great forest of Sphera Nui, the Sphera Forest. And also by this time, some wandering Rahi moved here. This happened around the thrid decade from the beginning of construction of Sphera Nui. At that time, a part of it became quite light, which is where the Le-Sphera is located, while another part stayed almost the same, which is the Bo-Sphera part, and the rest just started to grow very wildly.

A few decades later, a Skakdi temple was constructed there to contain the great Skakdi Kanohi of jungle, the Boskak. However, the inhabitants left it as some wild Rahi kept attacking the temple, as they were attracted to the Kanohi, and after a few years, it looked like it was abondoned for more than a century, due to the intense plant growth acceleration performed by the Skakdi Kanohi.

Later, some Toa came after the Skakdi mask in the Bota Temple, which they needed to remove a threat from the Le-Sphera. The threat was a new disease related to a new bloom growing around the Le-Sphera.

A few months later, a fire caused by a single Suhrog - Bohrok of plasma - turned a huge area of the forest to piles of ash. The fire was turned down with help of most of the Ko-Matoran and Ga-Matoran.


The Sphera Forest is a huge jungle, next to Sphera Nui. It is named Forest due to its low intensity during the creation. However, it later started to grow very fast, as the Boskak was placed there, and it accelerated the plant growth.