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Location(s) Almost all of the islands in the Matoran Universe
Function(s) Profit
Pronunciation N/A

Spark is an illegal fruit. The reasons for it being illegal is that it can give the eater a relaxation feeling, but destroying the brain cells at the same time. However, it only starts destroying the brain cells after the person is addicted to spark. The juice of spark is also very similar to beers. Spark was discovered 95,000 years before the Mask of Ignika Saga.


Spark was first discovered by explorers in an unknown island. When the explorers first ate the fruit, they described it as the fruit was from Artakha. They then began a search for the fruit, and after collecting a number of spark, the explorers went back to their homeland to sell the fruit. The fruit was almost sold out in the first week.

The explorers then decided to create a company based on the fruit, named SparkCo. It was also around this time the fruit was named "Spark", as the eaters said that it "gave a spark in life" when you ate it. The spark-based company grew fast. It became even bigger when spark reached other islands. But after several months, people started to notice mood changes in constant eaters of spark. Spark started to become an "essential" to constant eaters. So several scientists and doctors started a research in spark, and they identified that spark was a stimulant, an addictive substance that causes physical and mental changes. They found that spark was a poison to brain cells, and therefore, kills them, which ultimatley results in personality changes, and later, death. They also found that spark can cause bad breath. After this discovery, many islands made the use of spark illegal.

But SparkCo had to find another way to keep business running. SparkCo then discovered that the juice of spark is exactly like the fruit itself, except that it doesn't cause the killing of brain cells. And so SparkCo was saved from going out of business. And despite spark being illegal in many places, it is still a highly profitable product up to this day. Spark is also a common object smuggled by Rouge or other criminals.