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Kanohi None
Powers Create Sonic; Sonic Scream; Enhanced Hearing; Laser Vision
Tools None
Status Alive
Pronunciation sole-LOO

Soloo is a Vorad. He was the most powerful warlord in the Xia Island Chain, and co-founder of the Keo Botez Order. He is also the 5th member to join the Keo Botez.


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Abilites and Traits[]

Before he met Rahiko, Soloo used to be anti-social, until Rahiko got him a Rotwel. He then began to grow close to his new pet-rahi. After a while, he began to talk to his teamates. He is now very close to his Rotwel, and to his teamates.

Soloo can create sonic through his feet, as he has no hands. He can use this power to achieve limited flight. He also has sonic scream, and laser vision. He can also communicate with his Rotwel.


  • If wasn't for Soloo's army, the Keo Botez Order wouldn't exist.

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