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Sohka was a Matoran of Plasma, and is currently a Toa of Plasma.


Like all Matoran, Sohka was created by the Great Beings to live in the Mata Nui robot. On Metru Nui, Sohka was a Mask Maker, but after the Vahki transported the Matoran to Mata Nui, he crafted Bamboo Disks. Following the events of the Rahkshi, Sohka and all other Matoran were transported back to Metru Nui.

One fateful night, Sohka and five of his greatest friends, Deamanu, Gachry, Sudeno, Hetro, and Rewen, were transformed into Toa in their sleep by the Red Star. They met together, and formed a team of Toa.

Originally, Hetro was the leader, but after he was killed by a Dark Hunter, Sohka became their leader.

These five Toa had great power, but one by one, they fell. On a mission to raid and destroy a lab of villainous Rahi, Sudeno and Rewen were killed. Gachry and Deamanu were severly injured, but Sohka was still standing. Rewen was taken to a torture room, where he was killed in private, but it is assumed by Le-Matoran that their hero escaped.

One day, Sohka was sent to Zakaz to defeat Tridax to stop the production of Shadow Toa. Sohka and Tridax fought hard, but Tridax caught Sohka off his guard and cut off his left arm. Before Tridax killed Sohka, Pohatu came and saved him. Using his Kanohi Kakama, he escaped from Zakaz.

The Toa of Stone sent Sohka to Ga-Metru to be healed. There, a group of Ga Matoran, led in part by Gachry, Sohka's former comrade, began to operate. They worked without anesthetics, since they have the power to heal a lost body part. However, they could do nothing to help. Madek, a Ko-Matoran Scholar in medical study, could not help him also. As a last resort, they attached a Cordak Blaster to his arm.

Moments later, a mysterious being named Necrokuta, Rewen's murderer, appeared. He had taken over Metru Nui in two minutes. Sohka knew he had to avenge Rewen's death, so he bought a Giant Blade and set off on his journey.

Abilities and Traits[]

Sohka is very determined to get the job done, and is very protective of his friends.

Like all Toa, Sohka can channel and control his unknown elemental power, and can use it in a Nova Blast.

Mask and Tools[]

As a result of his Kanohi crafting on Metru Nui, Sohka has many masks to choose from. He most commonly wears a yellow Hau, Mask of Protection.

Sohka wields a Giant Blade, and has a Cordak Blaster attached to his arm.