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Snipe (Remains Alternate Universe)
Farside Village
Powerless Kualsi
Scoped Blaster

Guxad was a Matoran and a villager at the Farside Village in the Remains Alternate Universe.


Early life

Like most other Le-Matoran, Guxad was placed within the Matoran Universe. It is currently unknown under which circumstances he arrived at Balfe Nui, where he the settled at the Farside Village.


Guxad was at his village when two strangers, called Toa Theran and Range, stumbled against the settlement's outer wall. As the intruders where swiftly cast out by the Farside Council, he didn't get a chance to know why the two were there.
It was only later that day that proof of a yet unknown enemy was brought to the council that he and the other inhabitants of the village prepared for the Battle at Nightfall.
The battle went terribly for the villagers, however, and he was forced to flee his home in the night, meeting up with the others at Xafri's camp.

He then accompanied Theran and Range along with Viretha, Jecon and Sitos to find the cause of the attack.
The group found themselves in front of Nuva's fortress, where they met up with the rest of the stranger's team.
The entire group went into the fortress and up onto its roof, where Vorred provoked a battle with Nuva and his thralls. The conflict came to an abrupt end when a protosteel contruction was activated, chasing them off.

Along with Dorvan, Guxad barely escaped the creature when his teammates fell in the chase. The two decided to run back to the Farside Village.
Just before they arrived there they met the Farside Council, which they quickly warned of the incoming protosteel creature as they ran past them, ignoring their warnings that it wasn't safe there either.

As the two entered the village they sealed their fate as Xafri told them it was too late to leave. She donned the Kanohi Tilira and the mask took her and their life force, using it to heal the others and to defeat the protosteel construction.


When Range and his team returned to the Farside Village a few months later, Guxad's body was still laying inside the settlement. As the only purpose for the group's visit was to retrieve the Mask of Healing, his body was left in the long since overgrown village.


When the Farside Village was eventually rebuild, Guxad's body was moved into the Farside Crypt to commemorate his sacrifice.

Abilities and Traits

Similarly to all other Le-Matoran, Guxad would have possessed a minuscule degree of control over the Element of Air, though he could not access Elemental Powers or utilize a Great Kanohi.

Mask and Tools

Guxad wore a powerless Kanohi Kualsi, along with a simple protosteel dagger and a modified energy blaster.

Picture Description
Guxad's original and only armor he wore at his home village.


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